12 Seasonal Spring Goals For Personal Growth And Productivity

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New Season, New Goals To Try This Spring

A new season is upon us, so let’s focus on setting seasonal Spring goals.

I like a good variety in life at this time of year. That’s why today’s suggested goals for spring include a mix of work, play, and indoor and outdoor objectives.

So, let’s get moving. Then, you and I can start improving!

Goals To Set This Spring

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1. Take Time To Reflect

If you keep a journal, pull it out and read through the last few weeks. Regardless, take time to reflect on your start to the new year.

Think about what went well and how you can extend that progress. Also, think about what you can improve.

Reflect on your life vision. Ask yourself what the perfect you will look like in the distant future.

  • How will you spend your time?
  • What relationships should you nurture?
  • Where will you work?
  • How much money will make you happy?

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2. Declutter Your Home

Decluttering, removing stuff, and throwing out old belongings takes a lot of work—at least, it does for me.

However, here’s a good rule of thumb. Identify belongings that have not been touched or used in the last year. I call it the “one-year rule.”

If you last used or touched something more than a year ago, consider throwing it out, donating it, or repurposing it into something useful.

Perfect candidates include:

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Games
  • Kitchenware
  • Smartphones
  • Tools

3. Organize Clothes For The New Season

Organize your closet by taking a hard look at your winter clothes.

First, is there anything you didn’t wear? If yes, sell it for cash or give it away. Because if you didn’t touch those clothes this winter, it’s doubtful you will do so next year.

Then, neatly pack away what remains and bring your spring gear to the front of the closet. Note your seasonal stock, then get anything you need for the upcoming season.

4. Get Started On Your Garden

Whether you own a house with a yard or live in a multi-unit dwelling with a patio, spring is a great time to garden. Later in the year, watch your garden come to life!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Plant hardy cool-weather annuals
  • Buy some new containers
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Map out your beds
  • Clean up winter debris

Next, while thinking about the outside, consider this next spring goal, too.

5. Prep The Patio For Summer

After getting through the worst winter months of January and February, set more outdoor goals.

Thus, clean off the patio and clean up your outdoor furniture. Create a pleasant outdoor space. Getting outside as soon as you can improves your mood.

Okay. Let’s stay on the practical side of things with another one of many spring goal-setting ideas you can achieve.

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6. Tune Up Your Bike

Get your bike out to ensure it’s ready for the riding season.

Check the tires, clean the chain, and wash it well. Then, if it requires more work than you can handle, take it to the local bike shop.

Get out for a spring ride.

Not only will your bike be tuned up and ready to go, but so will your body. You can look your best for the fast-approaching summer season.

Okay. We are making progress on today’s Spring goal ideas. But before you continue, pin this image so others can find this article and set goals for the Spring season, too:

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7. Plan Your Summer Vacation

Next, it’s time to plan for a bit of fun.

The summer months of June, July, and August are approaching. You can lounge at the beach, read a good book, hike in the mountains, or save money on a staycation.

Make a vacation plan for whatever you want to do to make the summer memorable. Also, look at your budget and see what you can afford this year.

Here are a few ideas to get your thoughts flowing:

  • Visit a national park
  • Tour Washington DC
  • Go camping
  • Take a beach vacation
  • Reconnect with extended family

Or, for anyone on a tight budget, consider a staycation.

8. Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Where I live, winter is dark, cold, and snowy. This, combined with working in a profession where the busiest season coincides with this time of year, makes achieving work-life balance challenging.

Thus, when Spring rolls around, I’m ready to restore a better work-life balance to my daily routine. You should, too!

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9. Join A Local Group

Spring is a great time to join a group, especially for anyone who wants to reconnect with the community and have more local relationships.

Summer sports leagues, church groups, and neighborhood associations are good options. Consider the local chamber of commerce or business development committee for the more business-minded people reading today.

Whatever you choose, getting involved is a great way to make new friends and professional connections. Make doing so part of your objectives for the new season.

10. Work On Self-Improvement

Set a self-development goal this Spring.

First, reading is a good idea each month, even if it’s just 30 minutes daily. Pick up a book about self-improvement and save the lighter reading for your summer holidays.

Self-help books are great for learning new life and work skills. They help us see the world in a different light and maintain an upbeat attitude.

But, most importantly, all of us can benefit from learning that enables us to improve our lives.

Some areas you may seek to improve include the following:

  • Assertiveness
  • Communication
  • Investing
  • Money management
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive mindset
  • Time management

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11. Stretch Every Morning

Next, it’s time for some self-care. I recommend stretching as one of the best forms of exercise.

Stretching calms the mind and lubricates the body. So, make it a goal to ease into every day with 15 minutes of stretching.

Work on your body’s tight areas. Or choose a different muscle group each day.

You will feel the benefits when pursuing this next Spring goal.

12. Start A Regular Outdoor Exercise Program

Spring’s mild weather creates many opportunities to exercise outside. Walking, jogging, biking, and hiking are all excellent options.

Exercise, the outdoors, and fresh air will lift your spirits and increase your energy during other parts of the day. Work it out during your morning stretch if you encounter any muscle soreness.

Goals You Can Set This Spring: Wrap Up

Don’t delay. Get started with your spring goals today. Here’s a recap of today’s list of seasonal goal ideas:

  1. Reflect
  2. Declutter
  3. Organize your clothes
  4. Start your garden
  5. Prep your patio
  6. Tune up your bike
  7. Plan your summer vacation
  8. Improve work-life balance
  9. Join a local group
  10. Work on self-growth
  11. Stretch daily
  12. Exercise regularly

Thanks for reading. Before you go, pin this image so you can return later.

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

Spring Seasonal Goals For Personal Growth And Productivity