10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida Right Now

Things To Know Before Moving To Florida

Are you wondering about the pros and cons of living in Florida?  If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are thinking about moving to Florida to escape the winter months of weather.  Or believe that retirement living in Florida would be satisfying and affordable.

On the other hand, you may want to take advantage of the state’s economic advantages. And, robust economy.

Regardless of your specific situation. Let’s explore Florida’s pros and cons.

To answer an important question. Is Florida a good place to live?

pros and cons of living in Florida

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10 Pros And Cons Of Living In Florida

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida include:

  • No state income taxes
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Robust economic opportunities
  • Plenty of recreational options
  • Lots of sunshine and warm weather
  • High probabilities for extreme weather
  • Negative effects of urbanization
  • High costs for insurance
  • High fees and sales taxes
  • Pesky and dangerous wildlife

We will go through each of these Florida pros and cons in a moment. Then you will know what it’s like living in Florida.

But first, let’s address the big question of the day head-on…

Pros And Cons: Is Florida A Good Place To Live?

Yes. Florida is a good place to live.

If you don’t believe me. Then follow the numbers.

Since Florida’s population is growing. And growing faster than almost any other state in the country.

And it’s easy to see why. Because of sunny weather, a robust economy, reasonable costs, and plenty of fun things to do. Make Florida a great place to live.

But, the state is not for everyone. Since there are good reasons not to live in Florida.

The drawbacks include severe weather, heat, humidity, sales taxes, and the negative effects of urbanization.

So next, let’s pull back the curtain on these details about Florida. Then you can decide for yourself. If Florida is a good place to live.

Since I’m an optimist. Let’s start with the pros of moving to Florida. And consider the good things about Florida right now…

pros and cons of moving to Florida

No State Income Taxes

The tax benefits of living in Florida are very good. Especially when comparing Florida to other popular retirement destinations.

So, state income taxes top my list of pros. Since it is one of the perks of living in Florida.

Specifically, Florida residents pay no state income taxes. What makes this 1 of the best things about Florida?

Well, here is why. First of all, there are only a few affordable states in the U.S. Without individual income tax requirements.

Furthermore, Florida repealed estate taxes in 2004. And investment taxes on intangible assets like stocks and bonds in 2007.

If taxes are an important reason for your pending move to Florida. But you are still debating where to live.

Then don’t forget about residing in Tennessee. It is another state in the Southeast region of the U.S. with no income taxes.

So, make as much income as you want. And this state won’t charge an income tax on it!

Here’s another great thing about Florida…

Reasonable Cost Of Living In Florida

What do I mean when I say Florida’s cost of living is reasonable? Well, I mean that living costs aren’t extremely high given how popular the state has become.

Because U.S News ranks Florida in the middle of the pack of all states. In their cost of living affordability rankings.

Sure, you can find less expensive states to live in. For example, taking up residence in Oklahoma may be cheap. But the state might not have as much to offer.

But, it’s hard to generalize. Because Florida is a big state.

And your living expenses depend on where you move to in Florida. Here is what I mean…

Cost Of Living In Miami, Florida

is Florida a good place to live?

For example, if you want to live in a waterfront condo enjoying the Miami lifestyle.

Then sure. Your costs are going to be high.

Because Investopedia ranks Miami as one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States.

The same can be said for living in Naples, Florida. Not far from Marco Island.

On the other hand, what about regular folks like you and me? Well, we can keep housing costs low.

By choosing a more affordable location. Here’s an example of the diversity Florida living has to offer…

Cost Of Living In Rural Florida To The North

Here is a comment from one of our readers, Ashley. She left her thoughts about the cost of living in Florida. I found them very interesting…

“Rural North Florida Big is where I have lived most of my life. And I believe it should be sectioned from the Atlantic Coastal region, Central Florida, and South Florida.

The area boasts diverse seasonal climates. Plus there are low property taxes combined with the lack of a state income tax.

Thus, it is an excellent location. For retirement living in Florida.

Furthermore, it’s also affordable before retirement. As long as you can sustain adequate employment.”

And I want to add that with remote work becoming a popular choice these days. Maybe small-towns will represent the cheapest living options in Florida for you.

An Average Cost Of Living In Florida

So, there you have the other Florida cost of living extreme. Versus Miami. Specifically, the Big Bend Region located in the Northwest part of the state.

And between these 2 examples. You can find everything in between. Such as the city of Jacksonville.

This makes the average cost of living in Florida. Well, average.

When compared to the rest of the United States.

Now, regardless of the pros and cons of Florida. Make sure you have your financial house in order before your move.

Here are a couple of tips for those of you relocating…

Mortgages & Credit Checks For A Move To Florida

Do you need a mortgage for that new home in the Florida real estate market? Then consider LendingTree.

They have fast, affordable online options. You can learn more about Lending Tree here.

And make sure you keep an eye on your credit score. Because you need a strong credit rating when seeking a mortgage.

And, most new employers check your credit too. As part of their application process. So review your credit score for free using Credit Karma.

Speaking of new employers. And jobs.

Here is another one of the many reasons to move to Florida. The economy…

Benefit From The Robust Florida Economy

Florida’s economy is one of the largest in the country. It is right up there with “The Lone Star State”.

Because Texas also ranks favorably. As another business-friendly state in which to live.

Most noteworthy, if the state of Florida were a standalone nation. It would rank in the top 20 largest economies in the world!

Furthermore, the Florida economy is not just large. It is also diverse.

So, the state could be a good location. To set and achieve your business goals.

Industry Representation In Florida

Just look at some of the largest industries in the state:

  • Tourism
  • Financial services
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Agriculture

Even technology is starting to gain a foothold.

Furthermore, Florida’s unemployment rate is well below the national average. This is surprising given how much Florida’s economy relies on tourism.

Of course, tourism took a hard hit. From the global health crisis. And the travel restrictions that came with it.

But, those challenges? Well, they didn’t keep the state’s economy down for long.

Jobs And Business When Living In Florida

So, if you are looking for a job. Or, want to start a business in Florida. There is a productive business climate in the state.

Including low corporate tax rates. Which rank in the bottom 10 tax rates across the country.

So, scrub up your resume. And make a good first impression with prospective Florida employers.

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You can learn more about MyPerfectResume here.

Let’s move onto some more cool things about Florida…

Living In Florida Means Tons Of Recreational Options

Life in Florida isn’t about all work and no play. Not in the least.

Because there are plenty of fun things to do in Florida. So, let’s go through a few of them.

Pros of Living In Florida: Beaches

Florida boasts nearly 1,200 miles of coastline. Making it home to many world-class beaches.

On the Western shore. Enjoy the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.

On the Eastern side of the state. The beaches are popular for water sports.

And don’t forget about the beaches in the Florida Panhandle.

They stretch west into the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly reaching to the southern “hospitality state” of Mississippi.

Benefits of Living In Florida: Outdoor Sports

If you like fun things to do outdoors. Then this may be the state for you.

Water Sports In Florida

Sports and outdoor activities are numerous. And because of the abundant coastlines. Water activities are popular.

Just think about these examples:

  • Yachting
  • Sailing
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling

If your sport can be done in or around water. Then it is likely being done in Florida.

On the other hand, are you a land lover like me? Well, there is no need to feel left out.

Sports On Land In Florida

Because golf, tennis, and hiking are also popular outdoor activities in the state.

Especially for the avid golfer. It’s hard to find more options than what Florida has to offer.

Since Florida boasts more golf courses than any other state in the country.

While some think of Palm Beach County as the state’s golf capital. Because it has more golf courses than any county in the United States.

Still in need of entertainment options? Then here is another interesting thing about Florida.

The numerous theme parks add to the good reasons to live in Florida.

Advantages of Living In Florida: Theme Parks

benefits of living in Florida

There are so many theme parks and amusement parks in Florida. Walt Disney World Resort alone has 6 parks.

Then don’t forget other popular attractions. Such as:

  • Universal Studios
  • SeaWorld
  • Busch Gardens
  • LEGOLand

Oh my. Fun for the whole family. It can be found at any one of the many theme parks in Florida.

Have I saved the best thing about Florida for last? I don’t know.

You decide if this is your favorite of all the pros and cons of living in Florida…

Sunshine And Warm Weather

There is no question the state has abundant sunshine. And the warm weather plays a big part in the state’s popularity. It’s called “The Sunshine State” for a reason.

Because Florida averages about 2,800 hours of sunlight per year. That’s almost 8 hours a day on average.

And Florida is the warmest of all states. With an average daily temperature of about 71 degrees.

Just think about it. There’s no snow to shovel. And most of the outdoor activities I just mentioned can continue year-round.

So, leave the snow shovel behind. Soak up the sun. Enjoy the palm trees. And all the abundant outdoor activities this state offers.

Okay. That concludes all the good stuff about Florida. But, it’s time for a reality check.

Since there are a few reasons not to move to Florida. So, let’s go through the cons of living in Florida.

5 reasons not to move to Florida
5 cons of living in Florida

And you may have guessed. I’m not done with the weather…

Living in Florida Means Extreme Weather

Extreme weather can hit in several different ways in the state.

Bad Things About Florida: Summer Heat & Humidity

First of all, summers are hot in this state. You can expect temperatures well into the 90s during June through August.

Furthermore, it rains a lot. And thunderstorms can be severe.

Those thunderstorms produce lightning. And more people die from lightning strikes in the state each year. Than any other state in the country.

Then put the high temperatures and rainfall together. And they combine for high humidity levels.

So, summer heat and humidity are normal here. And, it can be oppressive.

But here’s another weather disadvantage of living in Florida…

Cons Of Living In Florida: Tornadoes

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida produces the 3rd most tornadoes of any state in the nation. Because unlike in the Midwest, Florida tornadoes can and do occur all year-round.

On the other hand, these weather events are not as severe and deadly. When compared to other places in the Midwestern United States.

Like the states in the Midwest. In the heart of tornado alley.

For example, those who decide to call Iowa home. Or, Texas for that matter. Severe tornadoes are a fact of life.

Finally, there’s one more weather event that must be mentioned. One of the worst things about Florida…

Drawbacks To Florida Living: Hurricanes

Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that form over warm ocean waters. And the peak season for these storms runs from June through November in Florida.

Historically, the state has had the most hurricanes in the country.  With nearly twice as many recorded hurricanes in history. When comparing Florida versus Texas, the second most hurricane-prone state.

These deadly storms should be given the respect they deserve. So, plan accordingly when considering moving to Florida.

Here’s another bleak thing about Florida…

Negative Effects of Urbanization In Florida

The Sunshine States’ popularity has come at a price. That being the drawbacks of urbanization.

And it starts with population growth. Because recent U.S. census data shows that only Texas took on more residents than the state of Florida.

Then there are tourists. And part-time residents. This transient population may not appeal to full-time residents. That call Florida their home.

If these types of people bother you. Choose where your location in Florida wisely. Or, select another state.

So, what do population growth and visitors mean?  Heavy traffic on the roads.  Made worse by limited public transportation options.

But Floridians are also known to be bad drivers. Because the state frequently ranks high for the most car accidents in the country.

Finally, there is a higher average crime rate across the state versus the rest of the country. But it is mainly focused in and around the larger cities.

For example, Miami-Dade County has one of the highest crime rates in the state. On the other hand, many areas are relatively crime-free.

So, once again. Choose your location within the state wisely.

Here’s the next reason you may regret moving to Florida…

High Insurance Costs For Living In Florida

disadvantages of living in Florida: insurance costs

If you have been reading carefully, you may have already made this conclusion.  Because tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, and traffic accidents can only mean 1 thing.

That is a high cost for insurance. Plan on paying more to insure your property in Florida.

And one more thing that might make you think Florida sucks…

High Sales Taxes And Fees

While not having to pay individual income taxes saves you money in Florida. And corporate tax rates are some of the lowest in the country.

On the other hand, this state dings residents for sales tax and other fees.

Realize the combined average state and local sales tax rate is high. Coming in at more than 7%.

Although the rate is not in the top 20 of all states in the nation. It is still high.

For comparison, Tennessee has the highest average sales taxes in the country at 9.5%. And even an overall low-cost state like Kansas. Residents still rack up almost 8% on their purchases.

Also, some other state fees may be more than you are used to. Little things like the cost to renew your driver’s license.

Or, registering your vehicle. Even filling up at the pump with a high per gallon gas tax.

So realize. These taxes and fees can add up in Florida.

Ways To Save Money When Living In Florida

If some of the high costs in Florida don’t fit your budget. Here are a couple of suggestions to tighten up your finances.

For both saving money. And managing your money.

The best thing? These tips work no matter where you choose to live.

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Just for signing up and making your first purchase. Doing these things can make the cost of living in Florida a little more affordable.

Finally, you can manage your total financial picture with Personal Capital. It pulls all of your investments and spending together in one place online.

So, if you need to fine-tune your finances. And tighten up your budget before the big move to Florida.

Personal Capital is a great tool to do so. Best of all it’s free to sign up and use.

You can learn more about Personal Capital here.

Okay. One last reason you may not like Florida. And it has nothing to do with your finances! Then I will wrap up.

Pesky And Dangerous Wildlife Also Live In Florida

The Sunshine State

If you don’t like the outdoors. With the bugs and critters that come with it. Then Florida living may not be for you.

In some ways, the wildlife is similar to the great state of Arkansas. At least when it comes to insects and snakes.

Because all the water, heat, and humidity in Florida leads to plenty of insects. And big ones at that.

Mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, and biting midges are plentiful in the state. Just to name a few.

Then moving up the food chain. Beware of snakes.

Because more than 40 different snake species call the state home. Fortunately, only several are venomous. Regardless, watch where you step.

Finally, don’t forget about the alligators. They are everywhere in Florida.

And the Alligator population is believed to be about 1 million strong. That’s one of the more interesting things about Florida. For sure!

Fortunately, alligators aren’t known to be aggressive toward humans. But there are alligator bites and attacks every year. Even though the odds of a dangerous encounter are low.

Okay. It’s time to wrap up the benefits and drawbacks of living in Florida…

Summary: Pros And Cons Of Living In Florida

The Sunshine State has a lot to offer anyone interested in the pros and cons of moving to Florida. But, do your homework.

And I’m sure you will live happily there for many years. No matter what you decide.

For reference, here is a summary of the 10 pros and cons of living in Florida. Specifically, the state is known for…

  • No state income taxes
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Robust economic opportunities
  • Plenty of recreational options
  • Lots of sunshine and warm weather
  • High probabilities for extreme weather
  • Negative effects of urbanization
  • High costs for insurance
  • High fees and sales taxes
  • Pesky and dangerous wildlife

If the question, should I move to Florida has been on your mind. Hopefully, these facts about Florida will help you sort it all out.

So now you can decide. If Florida is a good place to live.

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