Dividend Stocks

First of all, dividend stocks are my absolute favorite type of investment. I can’t gush about them enough for their wealth-building capabilities.

Furthermore, dividend stocks are a big part of Dividends Diversify.

Do you know what I like to say? “Build wealth one dividend at a time”. It’s that simple.

So, they sit close to the top of our wealth-building pyramid.

Let’s cover all of our bases on this investing strategy.

dividend stock investor

Here is an outline of what we have in store…

Dividend Stocks And Dividend Investing Articles By Topic

  1. How dividends work
  2. FAQs about dividends
  3. Dividend investing resources
  4. How to make money from dividends
  5. How to retire on dividends
  6. Dividend stock model portfolio
  7. Fill out your dividend calendar
  8. Dividend stock groups for building a foundation
  9. Other ways to get dividends
  10. Dividend investing success stories
  11. Why dividend stocks?
Dividend stocks and the wealth pyramid
The Dividends Diversify Wealth Pyramid

1. How Dividend Stock Investing Works

Do you want to be a successful dividend investor? Then check out this growing series of articles about how stock dividends work.

Start with the namesake and capstone article:

Then move on to some of these articles. They dive into specific dividend investing topics in greater detail.

2. FAQs About Dividends

questions about investment income

You have questions. We have answers.

Here are some responses to frequently asked questions from readers…

3. More Dividend Stock And Dividend Investing Resources

dividend stock investing resources
Making money with dividend growth stocks

We all have to learn and get better at what we do. To become better dividend investors, here are some of my favorite resources to level up your dividend investing game.

Books, investment newsletters, advisory services, and some of my own informative articles are the focus here.

4. Making Money From Dividend Stocks

Making money from dividends is the goal. Right?

Building a growing passive income stream is what dividend investing is all about. At least in my humble opinion.

So, here is a group of “how-to” articles that discuss just that…

5. How To Retire On Dividends

Next, if you are interested in using dividends in retirement. To fully fund your lifestyle. Or, just supplement your income.

Then start with this…

Or, check out these supporting articles if you know exactly what you are looking for…

6. Dividend Stock Model Portfolio

model dividend stock portfolio
More dividend income from a portfolio of stocks!

What is the “dividends deluxe” model portfolio?

It is a deep list of some of my favorite dividend growth stocks. Click on the stock of your choice and it will take you to the latest dividend stock review I have completed for the company.

Dividend Stock Review Process

Each stock analysis and review is based on what I call the dividend deep dive. The dividend deep dive is my process for analyzing a dividend stock.

So, here are the stocks in the dividends deluxe model portfolio…

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold

Dividend stock list

Former Members Of The Dividends Deluxe

I like to buy and hold my stocks forever. And, most of the time I am successful in doing so.

On the other hand, sometimes I make a mistake investing in the wrong company. Or, my initial assumptions regarding dividend growth or dividend safety do not meet my expectations as time passes.

In the worst situation, a company may reduce its dividend. Finally, in some circumstances, a company is acquired or merged out of existence.

Whatever the case, sometimes I no longer hold a specific dividend payer. And when I sell, I no longer hold the stock in the Dividends Deluxe model portfolio. Nor do I maintain the dividend stock analysis.

7. Fill Out Your Monthly Income Calendar With Dividend Stocks

dividend stocks by payment month
Get dividends every month!

Many dividend investors like to identify stocks by when they pay their dividends. In order to smooth out their stream of passive income cash flows.

The timing of dividend payments shouldn’t be your only reason for investing in a stock. But, it is something to consider as you make your investments.

To help you out, here are several articles to help fill out your dividend calendar:

8. Dividend Stock Groups & Sectors For Building Your Foundation

investment research
Do your stock research!

Dividend-paying stocks are typically clustered in certain sectors of the stock market. Or, other logical groupings.

Periodically I will pick a sector or stock group and analyze a few stocks within it to compare and contrast. Highlight a specific issue the sector is encountering. Or, simply pick a theme and present ideas that fit that theme.

Furthermore, everyone has to start somewhere. It would be nice if you had the money to invest in 25 or 30 dividend stocks, but that may not be the case.

If so, start with 1 and try to quickly build to at least 3 for diversification. Then shoot for 5.

Here are several different groups of dividend-paying stocks to consider. Hopefully, there is an article here that fits your needs as a dividend investor…

9. Other Ways to Get Your Dividends From Stocks

Individual stocks are not the only way to invest in dividend stocks. There are plenty of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even robo-advisors that can do the work for you.

Learn about some excellent options here:

Get the idea that I am a big fan of Vanguard dividend stock ETFs? If so, you are right on.

10. Dividend Stock Investing Success Stories

how to make dividends
Recipes for successful dividend investing

I love a good success story. Especially when it comes to dividend investing.

So, check out the dividend investing success stories from some of my friends.

11. Why Dividend Stocks?

Like I said at the beginning, I can’t brag about these wonderful stocks enough. But, I will try.

Here are a couple of articles where I “talk up” the topic of dividend investing. Enjoy!

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