Building Wealth After 50 (10 Tips for More Money Now)

Learn How To Build Wealth In Your 50s For Retirement

Are you interested in building wealth after 50 years of age? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Because I’m going to address these topics about financial planning in your 50s:

  • Making money
  • Saving money
  • Managing debt
  • Saving for retirement
  • Managing financial risk
  • Investing wisely

Let’s not waste a minute. And get started now. Because your retirement (and mine) is right around the corner.

building wealth after 50

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10 Rules For Building Wealth After 50

Here are my top 10 tips for building wealth after 50:

  1. Create a financial plan (or update your old one)
  2. Develop additional income sources
  3. Downsize your housing
  4. Keep college expenses in check
  5. Live below your means
  6. Manage debt wisely
  7. Be smart with your retirement savings
  8. Make the right decisions about insurance
  9. Invest with an eye on risk versus reward
  10. Monitor progress & adjust as you go

These 10 ways to build wealth in your 50s will serve as an outline for what is to come. But, I have several sub-strategies to build wealth for each of these topics.

So, let’s get going. Starting with financial planning in your 50s.

10 best ways to build wealth in your 50s

1. Create Or Update Your Financial Plan

Accomplishing anything important in life requires a plan. Here are several things to address in your plan for how to build wealth at 50…

Update Your Monthly Budget To Build Wealth In Your 50s

If you haven’t looked at your monthly expenses in a while. Then find the last budget you did for growing wealth in your 40s. Because a budget remains a big part of personal finance in your 50s.

Using your favorite app or spreadsheet. Itemize all of your expenses by category.

To the best of your ability, estimate your expenses for each of the next 12 months. Then, do the same for your income sources.

Your budget is a handy tool for financial planning. More on its uses as we go through the other topics about money in your 50s.

Assess Your Parent’s Financial Situation

It’s not easy. But talk to your parents about their finances.

Because you need to determine which of these situations apply to you and your parents:

  1. They will need financial assistance
  2. You will be receiving an inheritance
  3. No financial impact (neither 1 nor 2 apply)

Once you know the answer. Factor it into your budget during your 50s when the time is right.

Use A Financial Advisor For Building Wealth After 50

Financial planning in your 50s is much more than a budget. That considers the financial impact of your parent’s situation.

Because you need to create a bigger picture plan. That covers the next several years leading up to when you turn 60.

Use the topics that follow as key elements to your longer-term plan. If you are not comfortable doing so. Then consider hiring a fee-only financial advisor.

They should have the training and experience to put together a comprehensive financial plan. By addressing the next 9 ways to build wealth in your 50s.

Next, let’s talk about making money over 50.

2. Develop Additional Income Sources

building wealth after 50: additional income sources

Knowing how to make money in your 50s is important. Because the value of your skills and experience will rarely be higher.

So, here are some suggestions to increase income in your 50s…

Leverage Your Employer For More Money

Sometimes the quickest path to making more money is your current employer. Here are your options:

  • Ask for a raise
  • Request a larger annual bonus opportunity
  • Inquire about other financial incentives

But be prepared to defend your case for more pay.

Be able to articulate what you deliver today. And what more value you can provide in the future. In exchange for additional pay.

Use Your Skills For Side Work

Make some additional money doing side work.  Here are some things to consider…

First of all, do you work in a business? Then what skills do you have? That another business would pay you for.

Furthermore, because of the newfound acceptance of remote work. You may be able to fill some of your idle evening and weekend time doing project or consulting work.

Or, do you work in a trade? Because plumbers, electricians, painters, and many others can make additional money. Doing side work for friends, family, and neighbors.

Change Employers Only If It Makes Sense

Taking your skills to a new employer is also a fast way to make more money. But do so only if you are confident it’s a good move.

By now, you probably understand something important.  Specifically, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”.

Also, if the new employer doesn’t work out. Finding a new job in your 50s can be challenging. Even if you end up out of work by no fault of your own.

Whatever you decide. Make sure your resume is always in top shape. To take advantage of any unexpected or expected opportunities as they arise.

I like to use MyPerfectResume for this purpose.

Next, knowing how to build wealth in your 50s means leveraging real estate.

Consider Real Estate Rentals For Building Wealth After 50

Existing or new real estate purchases can be sources of extra income from rent and capital appreciation.

Consider these options:

Rent out a room in your home. This is made easier these days with services like Airbnb.

Rent out your vacation home. A viable option for those who own such a property. In a location where people like to relax and recreate.

Flip properties. This is a good option if you have the funds to buy a fixer-upper. And have the skills to do most of the renovations yourself. Then sell it for profit.

Buy a rental property. This approach requires investment too. But going this route allows you to separate your tenants from your life.

Buy a multi-unit rental. Sell your primary residence and buy a multi-unit rental property. Live in one unit. And rent out the rest. It’s a great way to downsize. And make some additional money.

Okay. That covers how to make additional money in your 50s. Be sure to use the extra money you make wisely. I will have more on that a little later.

Our next topic is saving money in your 50s. And I just mentioned downsizing. So, let’s continue with that topic.

3. Downsize Your Housing

Take a look at the budget you put together. The one you prepared as part of the first step to build wealth in your 50s.

Because housing costs probably make up your largest spending category.

Thus, consider downsizing to a smaller and less expensive home. Or, a more affordable location in which to live.

What’s the next area in our guide about how to build wealth after 50? Planning for your kids’ education.

4. Watch Out For College Expenses And Student Loans

how to build wealth in your 50s

If you have children. And they are attending college. Don’t let it derail finances in your 50s.

Because kids can borrow money for school. But you can’t borrow money for retirement.

First of all, keep college costs down. I know it’s difficult to deny your children the best in education. But it’s important to be financially responsible about it.

So, keep costs down by having them stay at home. And attend a local college at least for the first couple of years.

Furthermore, let them take on student loans. Before you reach into your pocketbook to pay for tuition, fees, and housing. I know excessive student debt is a hot topic these days.

But if by the time you are 60. And have your retirement planning needs are taken care of. Then, you can consider helping your children pay off their student loans.

5. Live Below Your Means

Next, take another look at your budget. And review all of your non-housing-related costs.

See what expenses you can reduce. Or better yet, eliminate. Here are a few good habits for reducing costs.

Spend on necessities. Also, the discretionary items and activities that you truly value in life. Then reduce or eliminate everything else.

Next, we all buy things online these days. So, save on your purchases with the Rakuten rebate app.

In addition, Rakuten gives you $10 cash. Just for signing up and making your first buy.

Finally, when you go to the grocery store. Save on all of your items using the money-saving app from Ibotta. You can learn more about Ibotta here.

Next up, we are moving onto debt management.

Because debt is an important part of your finances. And, one of many interesting aspects about building wealth after 50.

6. Manage Debt Wisely

building wealth by 60: debt management

In your 50s, it’s time to get very serious about debt reduction. Here’s what you should do.

First, eliminate all non-mortgage debt. By the time you are 60, all non-mortgage debt must go. And by all means, pay off your credit cards first.

Second, make a plan to pay off the mortgage on your primary residence. Not having mortgage debt by the time you are 60 is a great goal.

So pull up a mortgage calculator. To see when you can pay it off.

Because it will allow you to funnel more money into the best ways to save for retirement in your 50s and 60s.

Then there are mortgages on property investments. That you are earning rents from.

That debt is okay to leave in place. As long as your rental properties are generating a positive cash flow. After paying the monthly mortgage and all other expenses.

Finally, if you need to consolidate your debts. Need financing for a rental property. Or, want to refinance your home loan.  Then consider Lending Tree for low-cost hassle-free loans.

Next up, the best ways to save for retirement at 50…

7. Be Smart With Your Retirement Savings

best ways to save for retirement in your 50s

As I said earlier, your retirement years are right around the corner. Make them the best they can be. By doing these savings activities in your 50s.

Assess Your Retirement Finances For Building Wealth After 50

First of all, calculate how much retirement savings you have accumulated. Then determine how much you will need to live off investments.

Don’t forget to factor in income from social security. And pension benefits if you are one of the few lucky ones to have a pension plan.

Chances are you have a gap. Between the savings required for retirement. And what you have accumulated thus far.

Here’s what to do about it…

Take Advantage of Catch Up Contributions

Catch-up contributions allow people age 50 or older to save more in their 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Versus the annual contribution limits set by the IRS for everyone else.

So, max out your employer-sponsored retirement account. Using catch-up contributions.

They are a new option at your disposal when you turn 50. And one of many good financial habits to start as soon as you hit that magic age.

Open And Fund A Roth IRA for Building Wealth After 50

You may be participating in your employer’s retirement plan. But have you considered a Roth IRA yet?

It is another one of the best ways to save for retirement in your 50s. Over and above your employer’s retirement plan.

Have you been putting this off? Then here’s a way to get it done. Because it’s easy to open an IRA account with M1 Finance.

Don’t Make Early Withdrawals From Retirement Accounts

Whatever you do, don’t draw down savings from your retirement accounts early. This happens when people have unexpected expenses or a surprise job loss.

That’s what an emergency fund is for. So, make sure you have 3-6 months of expenses set aside in an emergency fund.

Put the money in a high-interest saving account from CIT bank. And don’t touch it unless you have an emergency.

Because having this fund will prevent you from drawing down your retirement savings. At the worst possible time. In your 50s before retirement.

Next up, managing financial risks in your 50s. By having the right insurance in place…

8. Make The Right Decisions About Insurance

Building wealth after 50: insurance

It’s always a good idea to think about your insurance coverage every few years. Especially, in your 50s.

I will assume that by this stage of life. You have your home and auto insurance figured out.

So, as you hit your 50s, focus on these insurance needs…

Health insurance. As we get older, health issues crop up more often.

Be sure to have a good health insurance plan in place. And consider opening a health savings account for the tax benefits they provide.

Life insurance. As long as you have loved ones dependent on your earnings power. You must carry enough life insurance. To ensure their financial security in the event of your untimely death.

Are you looking for term life insurance? Then consider Bestow for low-cost life insurance plans. And an easy online application process.

Disability insurance. Finally, as long as you or anyone else are dependent on your earnings. Make sure you have coverage. In the event, you become incapable of carrying out your work duties.

Okay. That completes the insurance topic. Next up, investing in your 50s…

9. Invest With An On Eye On Risk Versus Reward

investing in your 50s

Knowing how to invest in your 50s can be tricky. Because you still want to achieve solid investment returns.

But, you can’t take risks as you did in your 20s and 30s. Because you don’t have the time left to recover from poor investment performance.

Here’s what to do…

Check Your Asset Allocation For Building Wealth After 50

Most financial advisors will suggest this for your 50s. Specifically, that no more than 60% of your assets be allocated to stocks in the stock market.

The other 40% should be allocated to bonds, alternative investments, and your cash emergency fund.

Diversify & Keep Investment Costs Low

With an appropriate asset allocation in place. Then, make sure no one investment consumes too much of one of your asset classifications.

Just go by the old saying. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Finally, keep investment costs low. Individual stocks and exchange-traded funds are great options to achieve this goal.

Invest Outside Of Retirement Accounts When Building Wealth After 50

Investing for retirement in your 50s means this. Getting outside the comfort of employer-sponsored accounts.

So, open and invest in a taxable brokerage account. For this, I like the Webull app.

Webull is easy to sign up for. And simple to use.

You can make investments from your desktop computer. Or, from the convenience of Webull’s powerful smartphone app.

You can open a Webull brokerage account here. But then you need to decide on what to invest in.

A few things to think about when it comes to investing at 50…

Best Investments In Your 50s

I think the best investments at this stage in life have two traits. First, they provide income. And second, they generate growth in the form of capital gains.

Blue-chip stocks to buy and hold. Motley Fool stock advisor is an excellent source for high-quality stock investment ideas.

Dividend stocks. They are my favorite investment for growth and income.

I like and use the Simply Investing report. Because Simply Investing delivers top-notch dividend stock recommendations to my inbox every month. Learn more about Simply Investing.

Real Estate. We have talked about real estate investments already. But not everyone (myself included) is comfortable holding more than one physical property. Typically, a primary residence.

That’s where real estate crowdfunding platforms come in.  Where you have access to high-quality real estate investments. Without the responsibility of physical ownership.

Consider using the Fundrise crowdfunding platform. It’s an excellent approach as an alternative to stocks and exchange-traded funds.

Okay. That wraps up investing at age 50. Next, I have one last topic about building wealth after 50 to cover…

10. Monitor Progress & Adjust As You Go

It should go without saying. But I will say it anyway. Knowing how to get rich after 50 means monitoring your progress.

So, plan to review your progress at least once a year. Twice a year is even better.

Go through today’s checklist of wealth-building tips after 50. And make sure nothing has fallen out of place. Or, diverging from your plan.

For this, I like Personal Capital. It is a great tool. To pull all of your spending, budgeting, and investments together into one place online.

Personal Capital makes managing money so much more efficient. And who couldn’t stand to save a little time?

You can learn more about Personal Capital here.

That’s it for today. Start performing these tasks and be on your way to financial freedom.

Now, It’s time to wrap up with a summary…

Building Wealth After 50: 10 Tips For Success

Here’s exactly how to become wealthy in your 50s:

  1. Create a financial plan (or update your old one)
  2. Develop additional income sources
  3. Downsize your housing
  4. Keep college expenses in check
  5. Live below your means
  6. Manage debt wisely
  7. Be smart with your retirement savings
  8. Make the right decisions about insurance
  9. Invest with an eye on risk versus reward
  10. Monitor progress & adjust as you go

Now, it’s time to get busy building personal wealth. Think positively about money, and maybe you will become a millionaire by 60.

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Best of all, most of them are free to sign and up and use. For building wealth in your 50s.

10 tips about building wealth after 50

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