50 Personal Goals Examples and How to Set Them Now

Best Ideas For Selecting, Setting, And Achieving Personal Goals

Be your best and surround yourself with the best people. By setting one or more of these personal goals examples.

50 Examples Of Personal Goals

Here’s our best shot at a comprehensive personal goals list…

  1. Develop a vision for your life
  2. Establish a positive mindset
  3. Accept what you can’t change
  4. Never set limits on yourself
  5. Cut your path
  6. Embrace change
  7. Manage stress
  8. Live in the moment
  9. Improve your self-confidence
  10. Get up early
  11. Hustle every day
  12. Stop procrastinating
  13. Ask for what you want
  14. Get enough sleep
  15. Exercise regularly
  16. Become a lifelong learner
  17. Keep a journal
  18. Accomplish something first thing
  19. Practice self-care
  20. Improve your interpersonal skills
  21. Learn to be patient
  22. Work smart
  23. Capitalize on change
  24. Capitalize on failure
  25. Become a better listener
  26. Plan and prepare your meals
  27. Have family meals 3 times a week
  28. Improve your time management skills
  29. Find work-life balance
  30. Learn how to express yourself
  31. Master a new skill
  32. Control your temper
  33. Learn to say no
  34. Become more decisive
  35. Improve your body language
  36. Improve one of your weaknesses
  37. Become a better leader
  38. Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  39. Discover your best place to live
  40. Make a “bucket list”
  41. Plan and take a special trip
  42. Read a new book
  43. Take on a new challenge
  44. Expand your network of friends
  45. Find your perfect life partner
  46. Become a better spouse
  47. Grow into a better parent
  48. Remove toxic people from your life
  49. Find a mentor
  50. Become a mentor

Next, let’s discuss the definition of personal goals. Then talk about how to set and achieve them…

personal goals examples

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What Are Personal Goals

First of all, a goal is a desired outcome that a person envisions, plans, and commits to achieve.

Types Of Personal Goals

Unlike other types of goals. Business goals or career goals, for example.

I look at a personal development goal as falling in one or more of the following areas…

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Beliefs and good habits
  • Experiences
  • Personal growth

How To Set Personal Goals

When setting personal goals in life, I use the SMART system. Because it’s simple, easy to remember, and it works.

SMART goals examples have these attributes

First, they are specific. By detailing exactly what is to be accomplished.

Second, a SMART goal is measurable. Because what gets measured has a better chance of getting done

Third, SMART personal goals are achievable. Since there is no use trying to accomplish something that can’t be achieved.

Fourth, they are realistic. Meaning you have the resources necessary to accomplish the goal. And the goal makes sense relative to your current situation.

Finally, SMART personal goals are time-bound. Because having a deadline brings with it a sense of urgency.

HARD is another goal-setting system you may like to try. It’s especially good for goals of a personal nature.

Okay. Now you have been introduced to personal SMART goals and HARD goals too. Next, it’s time for action…

How To Achieve Personal Goals

After you have selected and set your personal development goals. It’s time to get busy on your way to achieving them.

Here are a few tips to do so.

Be flexible. Because things will come up and change happens. Adapt as necessary, but never lose sight of your target.

Write down your goals. Using the SMART system as a guide. Since writing personal goals down brings clarity and commitment.

Talk to others. Ask them to hold you accountable.

Make a plan. First of all, goals can be accomplished in the short term, medium term, or long term.

Furthermore, the longer the time it will take to complete a goal. The more you need a plan that breaks the goal down into smaller steps.

Take action.  Since nothing will get done unless you make it happen. So, put in the effort. Try to accomplish something daily that will contribute to your goal attainment.

Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s better to set a lofty goal and fall a little short. Versus constantly settling for less than your best.

Okay. Now you have a list of activities for personal development goals. A system for goal setting. And some thoughts about achieving your goals.

But we have a little more work to do…

examples of personal goals

50 Good Personal Goals Examples To Set And Achieve

Because I would like to add a little context to each of the 50 personal goals examples I laid out for you at the beginning.

So, let’s do it…

Develop A Vision For Your Life

I like to say “if you can envision it, then you can achieve it”.

So, think big. And do not be limited by your thoughts.

Establish A Positive Mindset

Practice the power of positive thinking. So negative thoughts do not get in your way.

Accept What You Can’t Change

If you don’t like something, but can’t change it. Forget about it and move on.

Never Set Limits On Yourself

Allow your inner strength to surprise you. We all do our best when we are put to the test. So, remove all limiting beliefs as you move forward.

Cut Your Path

These are your personal goals. Not someone else’s.

For example, just because your mother wants you to become a doctor. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do.

Embrace Change

Professional boxer Mike Tyson once said…

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Things won’t always go as you expect. So, learn to roll with it.

Manage Stress

Stress and worry can take a toll on all of us. So, do your best to keep it in check.

Okay. We are just getting warmed up. As our personal goals examples list continues on…

Live In The Moment

First, don’t dwell on the past. Second, plan for the future, but don’t worry about it.

Make the most of today. It’s all any of us have.

Improve Your Self-Confidence

Believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, who will?

Get Up Early

Get up early and start your day. Easy for me to say. Since I’m a morning person.

It’s a good idea to make a daily plan. Before the rest of the world wakes up. And life starts happening.

Hustle Every Day

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble. But accomplishing big things in life requires hard work and hustle.

It’s a fact.

Stop Procrastinating

If something needs to get done, then do it. Or, at the very least make a plan and set a deadline for getting it done.

Unfinished tasks add stress to your life. And will make you less productive.

Ask For What You Want

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. On the other hand, by asking, you might be happily surprised by the response your receive.

Get Enough Sleep

No one operates effectively when they are sleep-deprived. So whatever the amount of sleep it is you need, by all means, get it.

If necessary, invest in a good bed. It might be the best investment you ever make.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will help you feel better, sleep better, and be more productive.

Become A Lifelong Learner

This is where your growth mindset comes into play.

Learn from your success, your failures, your relationships, and your job. Never stop learning.

Never think that learning is just for students in the classroom. However, it can be a good idea to pursue more formal education.

Keep A Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to reflect. Both on what you have done well. And what you can improve upon.

Accomplish Something First Thing

Set a personal goal to accomplish something first thing every day. Make the accomplishment valuable, but not overly complex where failure is a possibility.

Doing so will set you off on the right path. For a more productive day.

Practice Self-Care

Listen to your body. Be mindful. If something doesn’t seem right or feel right, then it probably isn’t. So, take care of it.

Never procrastinate with your well-being.

Improve Interpersonal Skills

Other people are the key to your success both directly and indirectly. Enlist their help whenever and wherever you can.

Learn To Be Patient

As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue”. So, play the long game. And think long-term about your goals.

Because the best things in life take not only our best efforts. But time too.

Work Smart

Yes. Hustling and working hard are key ingredients to success. But, there is more. Because you have to work smart.

Ask yourself this every day…

“Am I working on the right things? And am I working on them in the right way?”

Capitalize On Change

It is not enough to embrace and accept change. There’s more to it than that.

Specifically, every time a big curveball is thrown your way. Examine the situation closely.

To see what you can do to make the change into an opportunity.

Capitalize On Failure

We learn a lot more from our failures. Versus our successes.

So, don’t be afraid to fail. But, when you do, seek out the positives, the key learnings, and the opportunities that result from it.

Become A Better Listener

Listening is a key skill. So, think of it this way…

You learn very little when talking. But by listening you can learn a lot.

Plan And Prepare Your Meals

We all have to eat. So, take control.

By preparing your meals, you will save money, eat better, and feel better.

Have Family Meals 3 Times A Week

Then sit down with your family or friends regularly. To enjoy a good meal and the relationship building that comes along with it.

Improve Your Time Management Skills

Everyone has the same amount of time each day. Thus, time is the great equalizer.

So, don’t waste it, maximize it.

Find Work-Life Balance

We all need rest and recreation. To relax our minds and bodies.

So, seek out the right balance. Because you will be glad you did.

Learn How To Express Yourself

Write well and speak well. Getting your message across clearly and concisely is important.

Master A New Skill

We live and work in a skill-based economy. Making new skills a necessity.

So, look for a way to expand your skillsets in a new area. And load up your toolkit with all the best tools.

Control Your Temper

Sometimes it’s necessary to blow off a little steam. However, be careful when you do.

Being a hothead to the wrong people in the wrong situation. Well, it won’t get you very far on your life goals.

Since your personal and professional development depends on staying cool when under fire.

Learn To Say No

Don’t be that person that says yes to everything. But, doesn’t deliver on the promise.

Be selective. Say what you mean. And do what you say. Because your creditability is based on it.

Become More Decisive

When confronted with an important decision, make it and move on.

Yes, gather the information you need to make the best decision. But don’t let important decisions linger.

Improve Your Body Language

Stand up straight and sit up straight. Put a smile on your face.

When you act positively. Then your mental state of mind will follow your body’s lead.

Improve One Of Your Weaknesses

Take one of your weaknesses. Then, make it a strength.

Become A Better Leader

You don’t have to be an army general to lead. Since leadership can be displayed in a variety of ways.

Remember this saying…” lead, follow, or get out of the way”.

Even good followers are leaders. By example!

Volunteer For A Cause You Believe In

Find a way to give back to your community. It will make you feel better. And you will be glad you did so.

Next, is one of my favorite ideas for personal goals…

Discover Your Best Place To Live

The right home, in the right neighborhood, in the right town, located in the right state.

Don’t underestimate the power of your environment. So, research and find your best place to live.

Make A “Bucket List”

More and more, people are realizing that life is about experiences. Not material possession.

So, list out your dream experiences. And decide when and how you are going to make them happen.

Plan And Take A Special Trip

Getting away is very important. Because you see different things. And think different thoughts.

Thus, expanding your horizons.

Read A New Book

But, you don’t have to leave town to expand your horizons. Read a new book and let it transport your mind to a new and different place.

Take On A New Challenge

Some people thrive on a good challenge. If that’s you, find your next challenge. Then set out to conquer it.

Expand Your Network Of Friends

Making new friends is more difficult as we get older. It takes time and commitment.

So, look to add a new friend whenever you can.

Find Your Perfect Life Partner

All of us need someone that’s “got our back”. When the going get’s a little tough.

So, find that person. You will instantly become the luckiest man or woman in the world when you do!

Become A Better Spouse Or Partner

Then, make sure you “have the back” of that special person in your life. Give, sacrifice, and compromise until it hurts.

Believe me, you will get back twice as much as you give. When you have found the perfect partner.

Grow Into A Better Parent

Parenting is a tough business. And they don’t teach it in school.

Figure out your ways. To become the best parent you can be.

Next, one of the most important examples of personal goals…

Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Run, don’t walk away from negative people with bad habits. They will only bring you down if you allow it.

Find A Mentor

Identify someone you like, respect, and have experiences in areas where you do not. Then, learn everything you can from them.

Become A Mentor

Then, return the favor. By helping someone learn from the footsteps you have taken in life. You may find that giving and teaching in this way is very rewarding.

Okay. That completes our personal goals examples list.

Allow me to wrap up with a few parting thoughts…

Final Thoughts On Selecting, Setting, And Achieving Your Personal Development Goals

Today, I provided you with a list of 50 personal goals examples. But, I would suggest you select only 5 or 6. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed.

Consider setting 2 each of short-term personal goals, medium-term personal goals, and long-term personal goals.

Then, use the SMART goal-setting system. Write your goals down. Make a plan. And get busy turning your goals into reality.

So, start setting goals right away!

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