Best 30-60-90 Day Plan for Managers that Gets Results Now

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Your First 30-60-90 Days As A New Manager: Learn, Lead, & Perform!

In this article, you will learn how to make the best 30-60-90 day plan for managers.

I successfully started 12 new managerial roles throughout my business career, so you can learn from what worked for me. And more importantly, what didn’t work.

However, I focus on a general framework for you as a new manager, no matter what leadership role you are about to tackle. Plus, I will provide plenty of examples of goals to complete the best 30-60-90 day plan possible.

First, let’s briefly cover some critical background information. Then I will move to the essential elements every manager should include in their 30-60-90 day plan.

What Is A 30-60-90 Day Plan For Managers?

A 30-60-90 day plan outlines what a manager must accomplish in their new role (and when) during their first three months on the job. Daily, weekly, and monthly goals form the foundation for getting fast results from the plan.

Why Is A 30-60-90 Day Plan For New Managers Important?

An effective 30-60-90 day plan is a guide and a checklist for establishing a productive path forward in a new management role. It ensures daily and weekly focus on completing the proper work correctly and at the appropriate time. Finally, the plan documents your intentions for communicating with new superiors, peers, and subordinates.

Okay. With that bit of background addressed. Let’s move on to how high-performing managers create a 30-60-90 day plan for making their first three months a huge success.

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How Do You Make The Best 30-60-90 Day Plan For Managers?

To create your 30-60-90 day plan, balance your management goals across three essential categories. The categories are necessary to establish a robust framework for your short-term program as a successful new manager.

I consider the following categories essential:

As a result, during your first 90 days as a new manager, I want you to:

Learn, Lead, And Perform

Repeat those words over and over every day. Make them your mantra because you are a manager now.

Thus, you must learn, lead, and perform daily.

There may be one or two more categories specific to your role. However, this grouping of work goals should be part of every leadership 30-60-90 day plan for managers. Regardless of who you are or what you do.

30-60-90 Day Plan Template For Managers

Best of all, when your plan is complete, you will have a goal-setting template that looks like this:

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30-60-90 day plan template for managers

Okay. Next, let’s cover examples of 30-60-90 day management goals. Use these examples as a menu to choose from for tailoring your plan.

Examples Of 30 Day Goals For A 30-60-90 Day Plan For Managers

Start with your 30-day goals and do so by emphasizing the learning category.

By fully understanding the organization and your role within it, you will better align your activities with your organization’s objectives. Plus, knowledge is a powerful resource for managers.

30-Day Learning Goals

Think strategically, starting with the big picture during your initial days.

To do so, understand your organization’s mission and vision. Then, get a copy of the strategic plan and review it thoroughly.

Meet individually with senior leaders. First, develop a firm grasp of each of their roles and responsibilities. Then, ask them about their most significant problems and challenges.

Next, money and finance are the languages of business. So, learn when, where, and how your company makes money.

Finally, immerse yourself in the industry in which your firm operates. Do so by reading industry publications and participating in networking opportunities.

30-Day Leadership Goals

Leadership is essential for every manager. Thus, establish yourself as a strong leader of your team.

First, hold one-on-one meetings with each of your direct reports. Be sure to get to know them both personally and professionally.

Next, promote positive thinking because having a positive attitude is critical for every manager.

Positivity sends the right message to your team. And employees will align and follow a positive leader.

Furthermore, you are going to encounter plenty of problems. So, it’s best to tackle these challenges positively.

Finally, establish yourself as a change agent because effective managers accept, promote, and embrace change.

Only through change will you achieve higher levels of professional success.

30-Day Performance Goals

Look for small wins to improve performance at this early point in your journey as a new manager.

Some possible examples of short-term performance-enhancing activities include the following:

  • Provide constructive feedback to an employee
  • Pick one or two problems and solve them
  • Streamline a process
  • Identify and eliminate an unnecessary expense
  • Maintain your team’s performance

Based on achieving your learning initiative goals, I suspect you have found the potential opportunities are virtually endless by now.

However, I encourage you to start small and get some early wins. Doing so will build your confidence and show progress to those who need to see it.

Examples Of 60 Day Goals For A 30-60-90 Day Plan For New Managers

Congratulations! Your first month is officially under your belt.

You have successfully developed an excellent foundational knowledge base, established yourself as your team’s leader, and accomplished one or more short-term performance wins.

Thus, it’s time for 60-day goals.

60-Day Learning Goals

At this point, your learning transitions from strategic and global to tactical and functional.

First, understand your direct financial responsibilities. To do so, meet with the organization’s finance department and develop a relationship with your primary contact for financial support.

Second, deepen your understanding through cross-training in other functional areas.

For example, work on a production line for a week. Then, pick, pack, and ship in the warehouse. Or go on customer calls with a sales associate.

You will be amazed at what you learn. Furthermore, the respect you earn and relationship-building are priceless.

60-Day Leadership Goals

Make sure to put your staff in the proper organizational structure. No matter the team’s talent level, the appropriate design is critical. Furthermore, everyone must know the standard to meet both individually and collectively.

So, reorganize your team into the proper structure.

Second, establish accountability for each role on the team. If necessary, review and scrub every job description.

Third, communicate your expectations. Work with your staff to set meaningful employee business goals.

It takes a lot of work to reorganize and establish accountability. But don’t delay this effort.

60-Day Performance Goals

Build on your small performance wins from the first 30 days. Now it’s time to establish yourself as a problem solver.

First, select one of your team’s unfinished projects and see it through to completion.

Second, choose a cross-functional project identified through your work and relations with other areas. Get involved. Make your organization better.

Examples Of 90 Day Goals For A 30-60-90 Day Plan For Managers

Okay, it’s now time for the home stretch in your management plan.

In just 60 days, your knowledge base has increased dramatically, and you have established yourself as a leader. Plus, you restructured the team for peak performance.

So, let’s focus on 90-day goals.

90-Day Learning Goals

Now, turn your sights outside the organization in your third month for learning.

First, meet with key external stakeholders. For example,

  • Outsourced service providers
  • Key customers
  • Critical suppliers

From each meeting, identify future opportunities to exploit. Also, and problems to address.

Take a professional development course focused on your industry or general management skills.

For example, here are several professional development courses for managers from which you can choose:

Business leadership

Team building


Finally, seek to expand your external networking contacts.

90-Day Leadership Goals

Once your team operates in the optimal structure with clear roles and responsibilities, develop a mentoring plan for all your team members. Then, help with their career planning.

Next, make a plan to address your poor performers. Allowing them to exist undermines the efforts of everyone.

Set clear expectations for their improvement. Then, provide the necessary support and resources.

If none of this works, be prepared to move on. Cut your losses as the hiring manager, hire a new employee, and onboard them.

Finally, exert your leadership skills beyond your direct responsibility. For example, step up and be an outspoken leader for the company. Or lead a cross-functional project team.

90-Day Performance Goals

At 90 days, first, I want you to improve your performance. Second, I want you to focus on improving business performance.

Improve your performance by seeking constructive feedback.

Search out constructive criticism from various sources, including the following:

  • Bosses
  • Colleagues
  • Customers and clients
  • Peers
  • People in your network
  • Subordinates
  • Suppliers

Listen closely and adapt appropriately. The objective is your development to become the best you can be. More importantly, the best manager possible.

Next, set goals to improve business performance. Possible business performance improvement areas include the following possibilities:

  • Increase sales
  • Optimize pricing
  • Develop a new product or service
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve product quality
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce expenses

Pick a problem or project to improve business performance in one or more areas above and get to work.

Okay. That’s all I have for today.

So, please allow me to conclude with some final thoughts and additional resources to ensure your success.

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30-60-90 Day Plans For Managers Wrap Up

Hit the ground running and remember these three words as you develop your 30-60-90 day plan, no matter what new management position you are tackling.

Learn, Lead, and Perform

Develop your short-term goals around these areas for immediate success and for setting a solid long-term foundation in your new position.

Most importantly, good luck with your new job. The three months will race by faster than you can imagine.

Finally, if you are hungry for more, be sure to check out more of my:

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

How To Make A 30-60-90 Day Plan For Managers With Examples