Daily, Weekly, Monthly Goals (Examples for Success Now)

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Tips For Making A Comprehensive Short-Term Goal Plan

This article is about setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. We will cover several goal categories, including 90 examples.

Also, you will see why looking at your goals in these time frames is a good idea. And how to use short-term goal planning to improve your life.

We have a lot to accomplish. So, let’s get moving.

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What Are Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals?

Daily, weekly, and monthly goals are a simple way to identify, set and achieve short-term objectives. These types of goals make a significant and immediate impact on your life. They create a strong foundation for long-term success.

Why Is Daily, Weekly, Monthly Goal Planning Important?

Identifying, planning, and setting your goals from days to weeks to months ensures that your short-term goals are aligned. Thus, your daily and weekly routines complement what you are trying to achieve this month and next.

How Do You Become A Daily, Weekly, Monthly Goal Planner?

To become a daily, weekly, and monthly goal planner, balance your goals across periods and categories.

The goal categories I think are most significant include the following:

  • Personal goals
  • Career and work goals
  • Business goals
  • Financial goals
  • Learning goals
  • Fitness goals

First, focus on the categories that are most important to you. Two to four should suffice.

Furthermore, avoid setting too many goals across too many categories. Stretch yourself, but stay focused and work only on a few achievable goals.

Finally, realize that your priorities will change over time, and so will your goals. Maybe not for one month, but they will over the long term. Adapting to change is a big part of personal growth.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals Template

For best results, create a goal-setting template like this:

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I also refer to this as a daily, weekly, and monthly goal-setting matrix.

Next, please allow me to introduce 90 examples of daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can use these ideas as your menu of available options.

Thus, some will fit your needs, and some will not. However, you have plenty to choose from.

Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals Examples

Let’s start with your monthly goals. Doing so forces you to think long-term.

Consider what you want to accomplish for the month, then set your daily and weekly goals to support your monthly objectives.

Examples Of Monthly Goals

One month passes by quickly. So, challenge yourself, but be realistic.

Monthly Personal Goals

The best personal goals relate to your family, friends, relationships, and inner self.

  • Do at least one act of kindness
  • Plan a special date with your partner
  • Improve upon your biggest weakness
  • Mentor someone who needs help
  • Develop a new hobby or skill

Monthly Career And Work Goals

The best career goals connect your work to deeper values, passions, and relationships.

  • Fine-tune your personal brand
  • Seek out performance feedback
  • Further develop a new job skill
  • Network in your field
  • Consult with your career mentor

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Monthly Business Goals

Setting goals for your business is critical whether you own a company, have a side hustle, or work for someone else. Goals drive progress and growth.

  • Reinvest in your business
  • Expand the use of technology
  • Continuously innovate
  • Increase sales volumes
  • Implement productivity improvements

Monthly Financial Goals

Financial goals that relate to your money are essential. Most importantly, the future financial freedom for you and your family depends on them.

  • Assess your current money state
  • Invest money every month
  • Add to your emergency fund
  • Check your credit score
  • Contribute to your retirement plan

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Monthly Learning Goals

Lifelong learning is for your continuous personal growth goals beyond formal education.

  • Teach your children something new
  • Try a new technology application
  • Start a new passion project
  • Work on a side hustle
  • Dedicate time to your favorite hobby

Monthly Fitness Goals

Finally, put a strong focus on your overall physical well-being. Solid mental and physical fitness supports everything you want to do in life.

  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Do your personal best at something
  • Keep your cholesterol on target
  • Stick to a regular exercise routine
  • Stretch and improve your flexibility

Examples Of Weekly Goals

After selecting your monthly goals, start thinking week by week.

Specifically, decide what goals you should achieve each week that will complement your monthly goals.

Here are some ideas. I will use the same categories you are already familiar with.

Weekly Personal Goals

  • Learn to manage stress
  • Set aside a day with your children
  • Act like a leader
  • Improve or rekindle an existing relationship
  • Keep a journal and reflect

Weekly Career And Work Goals

  • Do something outside your comfort zone
  • Work from home at least one day a week
  • Strive for work-life balance
  • Reflect and learn from failure
  • Welcome constructive criticism

Weekly Business Goals

  • Step back and think strategically
  • Provide positive feedback to employees
  • Focus on outcomes, not activity
  • Reduce time spent in ineffective meetings
  • Collaborate more effectively

Weekly Financial Goals

  • Save for something important
  • Check your account balances
  • Stay current with the financial news
  • Review and update your monthly budget
  • Make a small financial sacrifice

Weekly Learning Goals

  • Practice a musical instrument
  • Engage in reflection
  • Practice meditation
  • Listen to an educational podcast
  • Help your children with homework

Weekly Fitness Goals

  • Practice yoga
  • Go on a long bike ride
  • Plan your meals
  • Develop and stick to a self-care routine
  • Practice moderation

Examples Of Daily Goals

Next, focus on the daily accomplishment to support your overall goal planning. The best daily goals are similar to having good habits.

Here are some samples.

Daily Personal Goals

  • Practice a morning routine
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and actions
  • Be kind, grateful, and tolerant
  • Get up early and hustle every day
  • Adopt a positive attitude

Daily Career And Work Goals

  • Be great at what you do today
  • Embrace change
  • Act confident
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Accept responsibility

Daily Business Goals

  • Improve product or service quality
  • Decrease expenses
  • Keep an organized work area
  • Create a daily to-do list for tomorrow
  • Establish accountability

Daily Financial Goals

  • Eliminate or defer a purchase
  • Shop for necessities when on sale
  • Focus on needs, not wants
  • Make your coffee at home
  • Brown bag your lunch

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Daily Learning Goals

  • Talk less, listen more
  • Read for at least 15 minutes
  • Live in the moment
  • Learn from life’s daily lessons
  • Use a new word in your vocabulary

Daily Fitness Goals

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get the right amount of sleep
  • Take time to rest and recover
  • Go for a walk
  • Stay hydrated

So, now you have plenty of examples of goals to choose from. I encourage you to think of others I have yet to mention. That is perfectly fine.

Next, let’s discuss some tips for success. I recommend these easy ideas as you seek to achieve one or more of the daily, weekly, and monthly goals examples I shared with you today.

But first, save this image to your favorite Pinterest board so you can return later!

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Tips To Get Results From Your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

Write your goals down, making them as specific and detailed as possible.

For each goal, determine the meaning of success. In other words, decide how you will measure progress and achievement.

Establish the things to do daily, weekly, and monthly. A daily to-do list is a great productivity habit to develop. Ensure some items on your list relate directly to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Share your goals with others. Doing so builds your commitment.

Most importantly, get busy, show up daily, and do the work. Stay focused and be consistent.

If you have an unproductive day, put it behind you. Rest when you are tired. Take a day or weekend off when it feels right.

Finally, recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. Do so just long enough to feel joy in achievement but not too long to rest on your laurels.

Okay. That’s all I have today about setting daily, weekly, monthly goals.

Allow me to wrap up with a few parting thoughts.

Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals And Goal Setting Wrap Up

Key in mind the following key points about goal setting.

Set your goals based on a time frame:

  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Monthly goals

Set goals across various categories, including these:

  • Personal goals
  • Career and work goals
  • Business goals
  • Financial goals
  • Learning goals
  • Fitness goals

Finally, as you set and work on your goals, remember to:

  • Write your goals down
  • Be specific about what you want to achieve
  • Make daily to-do lists
  • Get busy, work hard, and work smart
  • Put unproductive days behind you
  • Take a break to refresh and recharge
  • Celebrate success

If you found this article helpful, check out my other insightful articles about goals and goal setting.

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals Examples