How To Use Feng Shui For Wealth Building

10 Feng Shui Tips For Money Luck

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Let’s discuss Feng Shui tips for money luck and how to use Feng Shui for wealth creation.

In life, money matters.  So why not be open to all of the possibilities to improve your finances? And put some financial good fortune on your side with these 10 Feng Shui tips for money luck.

Have you heard this old saying?  It’s better to be lucky than good.  Well, I believe in being both lucky AND good.  So, we will cover the money luck of that 2 sided coin today.

Also, I will share how I have implemented these Feng Shui money tips.  For attracting money luck and wealth in our home and my home office.

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If not, let’s dive right into our topic: Feng Shui for wealth building.

10 Feng Shui For Wealth Tips

To outline this article, here are my top 10 Feng Shui tips for money luck, and wealth creation:

  1. Understand the directional qualities of your home and office area
  2. Maximize your money space
  3. Address clutter and items you no longer need
  4. Optimize the height of your desk
  5. Improve your lighting
  6. Display crystals
  7. Add the right plants to your spaces
  8. Display coins on a red cloth
  9. Address the impact of stairs and doors
  10. Use water features effectively

Next, let’s cover some important background information about Feng Shui for wealth.  Then we will dig into each of these Feng Shui tips for money luck.

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Feng Shui Explained & How It Impacts Wealth

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Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical philosophy that brings harmony to an environment.

Good Feng Shui can bring you wealth and money luck if you strive for it.  Furthermore, it gives you the necessary support to seek your wealth and fortune.

Feng Shui also suggests different methods to create a productive environment.  Your home and office environment can strengthen you.  And, improve your Feng Shui to attract money and wealth.

The Concept Of Chi

Chi is a very important underlying concept for Feng Shui. For me, chi is difficult to describe.  But, I will try…

Chi is a form of energy that runs through everything.  It is positive energy.  And it runs through our bodies, homes, buildings, external spaces, and other people.

First of all, chi is magical and kind of mystical.  Furthermore, it is intangible.  Finally, chi should be preserved, not scattered.

It may be magical, but chi exists, in my opinion. Here is how I think about it…

Just remember a person or place that throws off a good vibe for you.  The person or the place gives you energy and a good feeling when you are around.

On the other hand, have you been someplace that brings your mood down?  Or been in the presence of someone that drains you mentally, physically, or emotionally?  If yes, then you have experienced bad Feng Shui energy.

The chi of your surroundings, the people you are with, and your chi make up how you feel.  The better you feel, the more success you will have attracting money.

Now, we know a little bit about Feng Shui. And one of its fundamental concepts called chi.  So, let’s move on to 10 Feng Shui for wealth lessons.

1. Attract Money By Knowing The Directional Qualities Of Your Home

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Each part of your home has a different influence on your Feng Shui for good luck and wealth.  The sectors of your home are identified by using a compass.

East: Best for new money-making projects.

Southeast: The most important area for governing your overall wealth and prosperity.

South: Known for building recognition and influence.  Good for developing new contacts.

Southwest: For an increased focus on saving money.  Also making the most out of what money you have.

West: Best location to make more money from what you are already doing.

Northwest: For improving your respect for money and valuing its worth and integrity.

North: Influences career prospects and your cash flow from your career.

Northeast: Best for education, continuous learning, improving habits, and decision making.

So, decide what your focus is.  And use some of the following Feng Shui money luck tips #’s 2-10. Use them to activate and protect the chi in that area of your home.

For example, are you in sales?  And developing a new sales territory for your company?  Then perhaps making new business contacts is a major goal?

Think about placing crystals or a money plant in the Southern area of your home.  More on crystals and plants in a moment.

For me, creating money, overall wealth, and prosperity are my goals.  So, I have focused most of my efforts on the Southeastern section of our home.  Next, I will tell you why.

2. Feng Shui For Wealth Says Establish Your Money Place

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Have a dedicated space where you think about your business, career, side hustle, money, and investments.  This is typically a home office.

I’ve had a desk and home office space since my early 20’s when I was living in a studio apartment.  It has always been a place where I keep my financial matters, computer, personal finance books, and investment newsletters.

Currently, I use a spare bedroom for my home office.  And, it is located in the Southeast corner of our house.

I also use Personal Capital to manage all of my financial affairs. It’s free to use and it helps to have all of my financial matters in one place online. That type of organization creates good Feng Shui energy for when I’m working with the money we have. And the money we spend.

According to Feng Shui, the Southeast is the best location for your money space.  That area governs your wealth and prosperity. It is known as the wealth corner.

3. Remove Clutter & Items You No Longer Need For Feng Shui Money Luck

Removing clutter and items you no longer need is good Feng Shui for wealth. And a healthy money habit you should adopt.

For example, make sure hallways are clear of clutter and objects.  Put pleasant images on your walls.  Use mirrors to reflect light in darker spaces.

Doing so will create a good chi flow.  It will bring upward moving energy with spaciousness, comfort, and calming rhythm.

For me, good flow and good spaces create inner peace.  Inner peace helps me to be patient about wealth-building.  Perhaps creating the right environment will help you too.

We recently got some tips on how to furnish and rearrange our living room.  It has made a big difference.  It’s a calming space to spend time.

Also, I’ve been very mindful of keeping my home office area free of clutter.  And, I’ve removed books and binders from my past.  They were materials from when I taught university accounting and business courses.

The health crisis of 2020 has impacted higher education.  All of the uncertainty about teaching in higher education led me to opt-out of my classes for the time being.

So, I moved all my books and binders to storage in the basement.  This way chi flows to my current projects.  And the money endeavors I’m tracking now.

So remember this tip when it comes to Feng Shui for money and financial luck.  Maintain pleasant, clutter-free spaces and places.

Doing so will help you have good luck with money.  And improve your Feng Shui for wealth building prospects. Being clutter-free will make you rich in more ways than one.

4. A Feng Shui Tip For Money Luck: The Height Of Your Desk

Altering the size of your desk can contribute to good Feng Shui for wealth.

First of all, make your desk 33 inches high to enjoy money luck.  Furthermore, your desk should be 60 – 61 inches wide to enhance your career prospects.

5. Feng Shui For Wealth: Improve Your Lighting

One of the easiest Feng Shui for wealth tips is to improve your lighting. 

Lighting dark corners help chi to circulate. Good light helps to achieve balance and harmony in the home.

Especially in darker geographies. Or darker months of the year.

We have installed new table lamps in our living room, family room, and bedroom.  And changed the fixtures in our dining room to a better design.

Overall, the balanced lighting across the house is very pleasant.  And allows chi to flow freely from room to room.  It also has had a noticeable and positive impact on our moods.

Finally, I have dramatically improved the lighting in my home office.  First, I had it repainted from a dark brown to a light blue.  Then I installed a brighter light in the ceiling fixture.  Plus, a floor lamp to the right of my desk.  And finally, a table lamp next to my reading chair.

When I’m trying to be my most productive, I have all of the lights on.  It increases my energy and focus.

On the other hand, I sometimes read or reflect in the easy chair across the room.  Then I may just use the table lamp to cast a softer and warmer glow.

6. Obtain And Display Crystals For Wealth From Feng Shui

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Crystals for financial abundance are useful in Feng Shui for wealth.  They are energizers.

Display crystals in the area of your home where you are trying to activate chi.  They are best used in the Southwest, Northeast, or center of your home.

My wife likes to collect rocks and happened to have several crystals.  I now have them displayed on the bookshelf in my home office.

7. Feng Shui For Money & Success: Use Plants

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Like lighting, plants are an easy way to improve chi in your home.  Healthy, thriving green plants with broad leaves are best.

Plants add life to corners.  Also, soften beams and columns that can project bad Feng Shui energy.

Also, there is one special type of plant to consider.  It is the Chinese money plant.

The money plant is also known as a jade plant or rubber plant.  Its leaves are thought to resemble coins. So, put your money plant in your chosen area to activate chi.

I’m on the lookout for a money plant for my office.  In the meantime, we have a green leafy, waist-high peace lily that we moved into the Southeast corner of my office.

We have had this plant for many years.  It was a gift from a friend when my mother passed away.

It brought warmth and positive energy to the room.  My wife and I noticed it as soon as we moved it in from another location in the house.

Plus, my mother was as frugal as they come.  I can’t help but have better money luck with her spirit watching over my every move.

8. Display Coins To Attract Money

It is said in Feng Shui for wealth that displaying coins or paper currency on a red cloth is a good practice.  The display is best in the Western portion of your home.

Coins displayed on a red cloth are thought to increase your ability to focus. And bring energy to improve your finances.

There are modern versions of this practice.  Have you ever been in a business that has its first dollar earned, framed and hanging on the wall?

I’m still trying to figure out what to do here.  My Dad gave me some pure silver coins he bought many years ago.  As an investment, they were a hedge against inflation back in the 1970s.

On the other hand, I don’t want to overdo it.  Nor should you.

Good Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony for happiness about your money situation as well as other areas of life.  Think about that as you implement your Feng Shui for wealth and money luck plan.

9. Address Stairs And Doors To Attract Money

Chi circulates through the different levels of a home mainly through stairs.  As we climb up and go downstairs we stir up the chi in our homes.

A stairwell that leads down from your 2nd floor to the front door can be a problem. It encourages the chi to move out of your house. It also makes it difficult to save money and live within your means.

That is not good Feng Shui to attract money and wealth.  We want to create a good chi flow in our homes and maintain the chi within it. 

So, consider putting a larger green leafy plant near your front door. The plant will block the chi from leaving.

Furthermore, a mirror near the front door reflecting into the house is a useful remedy. It will reflect the moving chi back into the house.

Finally, a wind chime hung by the door that rings softly is good. When the door is opened it will activate and spread chi throughout your home.

10. Use Of Water For Wealth, Health & Success

Feng Shui means “wind and water”.   And our bodies are mostly made up of water.

The presence of a clean, fresh water feature in your home is beneficial. It can improve your health and vitality of the home.  Most importantly, for our discussion today, good health is key to our wealth.

Fountains, aquariums, or even a bowl of fresh clean water placed properly can do the trick.  They are best when placed in the East or Southeast.  In this way, they can balance the vibrant impact of the sun.

Cooling water balances the hot sun. Balance is important in Feng Shui. It is a key money mantra. Sometimes you will hear it referred to as the yin and yang. They are names for different forms of chi.

So, I’m looking for a small, decorative indoor fountain.  I’d like to place it on the table in front of our picture window that faces the South.  Furthermore, I expect the sound will add a calming effect to the room.

Summary: Feng Shui For Wealth And 10 Feng Shui Tips For Money Luck

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Having an abundance mindset is important. So, consider all possibilities to improve your wealth.  And knowing how to attract money with Feng Shui is one of those possibilities.

Your age, demographics, and money situation may change as life progresses. But these tips are both timeless and can travel anywhere life takes you.

Here are 10 tips to improve your money luck and wealth using Feng Shui.

  1. Maximize the Southeast portion of home or office
  2. Create a money space
  3. Remove clutter and items you no longer need
  4. Make your desk 33 inches high for money luck
  5. Improve your lighting so chi spreads through your home
  6. Display crystals to create positive energy
  7. Add green leafy plants to soften edges and create positive energy
  8. Display coins on a red cloth to enhance your money focus
  9. Minimize the loss of chi from stairs and doors
  10. Add a water feature to your home for improved health & vitality

Start building these good luck and success habits into your life today.

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Here’s to your good money luck and wealth!

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