7 Pros and Cons of Living in Florence, SC Right Now

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Essential Things To Know Before Moving To Florence, South Carolina

Are you ready to pack up your bags and move to South Carolina? If yes, consider the pros and cons of living in Florence, SC.

Florence is moderately sized, with a population of nearly 40,000. The city is in the northeast section of South Carolina, known as the Pee Dee region. Rural landscapes and small towns make up the surrounding area. Residents enjoy a tight-knit community vibe combined with amenities associated with larger cities.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Florence, South Carolina

Here’s my top list of living in Florence pros and cons:

  1. Low cost of living
  2. Close access to healthcare
  3. Convenient to outdoor destinations
  4. Plenty to see and do
  5. Low household incomes
  6. Higher crime rates
  7. Poor road conditions

Next, let’s dig deeper into these seven advantages and disadvantages of moving to Florence, SC.

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1. Low Cost Of Living In Florence

Moderate home prices make the cost of living in Florence budget-friendly. The median home value here is roughly half the South Carolina state average.

Source: Redfin

2. Close Access To Healthcare After Moving To Florence

Florence and Florence County is the medical hub of the Pee Dee Region, offering world-class healthcare.

Facilities include:

  • McLeod Regional Hospital
  • HopeHealth community health center
  • Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Source: Florence County Economic Development Partnership

3. Convenient To Outdoor Destinations In And Around Florence

You can stay close to home and enjoy the great outdoors.

Popular destinations to get some fresh air and exercise include:

  • Cheraw State Park
  • Lynches River County Park
  • City Trail System
  • Timrod Park
  • Several golf courses

Furthermore, the Lynches River Park will soon be home to a newly built equestrian center.

Finally, go 90 minutes east by car and enjoy the beaches on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. Or, travel 3 hours for a well-deserved vacation on Hilton Head Island.

4. Plenty To See And Do After Moving To Florence

Florence has plenty of family-friendly places to explore during your free time. Some are associated with Francis Marion University in this South Carolina town.

  • County Museum
  • Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center
  • South Carolina Pecan Trail
  • South Carolina Ag + Art Tour
  • The Waters Building
  • The Florence Convention Center
  • Dooley Planetarium

Okay. Now that I have covered the pros of living in Florence, please allow me to address the cons.

5. Low Household Incomes For Workers In Florence

Household incomes are approximately 30% less than the national average. Many jobs are available in health care, social assistance, retail, and manufacturing. However, the jobs in these industries in this part of the country could pay better.

The low incomes in this small South Carolina city manifest themselves in other ways. For example, nearly one in five residents live below the poverty line.


6. Higher Crime Rates In Florence

Sometimes low incomes and poverty go hand in hand with crime, which is the case here.

As a result, the city ranks as one of the riskiest places in South Carolina for becoming a victim of property or violent crime.

Source: Southwest Journal

7. Poor Road Conditions In And Around Florence

Finally, many residents complain about the poor road conditions. The state allocates only a small portion of its budget to improving the roads, and it shows.

Fortunately, traffic is relatively light in the region. Unlike other more densely populated areas of the state, for example, the greater Charleston area.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Florence, South Carolina

Okay. That’s the good and bad about living in Florence, SC. So, please allow me to wrap up with some parting thoughts.

Is Florence, SC, A Good Place To Live?

Florence is an excellent place to live for those desiring a close-knit southern community and amenities not found elsewhere in northeast rural South Carolina. It’s an affordable place to enjoy the year-round warm weather and scenic outdoor destinations here. On the other hand, don’t move to Florence looking for access to high-paying jobs in larger metropolitan areas or big-city entertainment and attractions.

Finally, best of luck, no matter where you decide to move.

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The Pros And Cons Of Living In Florence, SC Explained