12 Big Reasons People Regret Moving to Indiana

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Exploring Why Indiana Is A Bad Place To Live For Some

Is Indiana a bad place to move? Yes, it is for some of the state’s current and former residents. So, let’s review why. Then, you won’t be one of the people who regret moving to Indiana.

Why People Regret Moving To Indiana

Indiana is a bad place to move for some people because of the following reasons:

  1. Mostly small-town living
  2. Boredom is a real problem
  3. Not much racial diversity
  4. An abundance of conservative thinking
  5. Limited public transportation
  6. Cars are usually required
  7. Much of the state is flat and landlocked
  8. Excessive drug abuse
  9. High seasonal pollen levels
  10. Hot and humid summers
  11. Cold and snowy winters
  12. Risk of tornadoes

Why would someone want to move to Indiana after reading that list? While you think about that question, I will review these bad facts about Indiana. After we finish, you will better understand why some people hate living here.

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1. Mostly Small-Town Living

Some people regret moving to Indiana due to the lack of bustling metropolitan areas. The state is mainly a collection of small to mid-sized towns and cities except for the capital of Indianapolis.

Did you know that Indianapolis and Fort Wayne are the only Indiana cities with a population greater than 250,000?

2. Boredom Is A Real Problem

The meager nightlife and entertainment options are one of the worst things about Indiana.

For example, a study by WalletHub ranked Indiana as one of the least fun states in the country. The study measured two key categories: “entertainment and recreation” and “nightlife.”

As a result, Indiana is a boring state, and residents must get creative and find ways to entertain themselves. Or, move to Indianapolis for a most extensive selection of fun things to do in Indiana.

The good news is you won’t spend much money in Indiana going out on the town.

3. Not Much Racial Diversity

Indiana is a bad place to live for those who enjoy racial diversity.

For example, 81% of the population is white. In comparison, 9% of the state’s residents are African American.

Source: World Population Review

4. An Abundance Of Conservative Thinking

People with liberal views and diverse beliefs may not be happy after moving to Indiana.

Most residents lean conservative in their political thinking. At the same time, Christianity is the dominant religion, with more than 70% of the population identifying as such.

5. Limited Public Transportation

After moving to Indiana, you may be disappointed with the lack of public transportation.

Other than downtown Indianapolis, there are just a few public transportation systems. Furthermore, none of the state’s public transit options are extensive.

As a result, a pitifully low 1% of residents regularly use public transit.

Source: HomeArea.com

6. Cars Are Usually Required

You won’t like Indiana after moving here if the cost and responsibility of car ownership aren’t for you.

For example, geographically dispersed small towns and limited public transportation mean one thing. Residents need a car.

7. Much Of The State Is Flat And Landlocked

Mountain and ocean beach lovers will regret moving to Indiana. The state is primarily flat and filled with farms and cornfields.

First, you won’t see any mountains. Second, aside from the southern tip of Lake Michigan, the state is landlocked. So, there aren’t any ocean shorelines, either.

Thus, finding beautiful landscapes in natural spaces is a challenge.

8. Excessive Drug Abuse

Another one of the big reasons not to move to Indiana is drug usage. Nearly one in 12 residents, almost a half million people, meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder.

Source: Indiana University

Street drugs, insufficient law enforcement, and limited rehabilitation options contribute to the problem, causing tragic economic and human consequences.

Okay. Please allow me to switch gears and discuss everyone’s favorite topic. I’m talking about the weather.

Let’s cover the weather with the last four items on today’s list of reasons people regret moving to Indiana.

9. High Seasonal Pollen Levels

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies may be unhappy after moving to Indiana because of high pollen counts and poor air quality.

April and May bring peak allergy season.

Rain and warming temperatures cause the foliage to bloom. And with the fresh buds comes plenty of pollen, causing scratchy throats, burning eyes, and running noses.

10. Hot And Humid Summers

For people who dislike uncomfortable summer weather, Indiana is the wrong place to move. Residents experience hot summers with the highest temperatures in the southern parts of the state.

During July and August, the humidity makes it feel even warmer than the thermometer indicates. Plus, the hot, sticky air brings out the mosquitos to ruin your best-laid outdoor plans.

11. Cold And Snowy Winters

Relocating to Indiana is a bad idea for anyone who dislikes winter weather.

Temperatures routinely fall well below the freezing level. Northern Indiana is prone to heavy snowfall, while the southern half of the state gets its share of snow, freezing rain, and ice.

Winter weather lessens Indiana’s attractiveness as a retirement destination.

12. Risk Of Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of the worst things about Indiana. The state averages more than 20 of these storms annually.

They come with little notice. So, quickly take cover in a safe place during a tornado warning.

Okay. That’s all I have for today.

So, please allow me to wrap up with some concluding comments.

Why People Regret Moving To Indiana – Final Thoughts

Now you know 12 reasons why people think Indiana is a bad place to live. So before you pack up and regret moving to Indiana, consider all these issues before relocating to “The Hoosier State.”

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

The Reasons People Regret Moving To Indiana Explained