What Is a Goal Getter and How To Become One Now

Be A Goal Getter, Not A Go Getter

Be careful to distinguish activity from achievement. To do so, become a goal-getter.

As a result, I will discuss what it means to be a goal-getter and how to become one.

Let’s get moving, so you can start improving.

What Does It Mean To Be A Goal Goal Getter?

A goal-getter is a person who continually chooses, sets, and achieves their goals.

They hold themselves to the highest standards. Their goals prioritize actions on the right things to improve their life. Also, they pursue their dreams with unmatched focus and motivation.

However, these high achievers only sometimes succeed at everything they wish to accomplish because they set their sights so high. After falling short, they pick themselves up, reevaluate, and move forward daily with focus and energy.

Renowned 16th-century artist Michelangelo summed it up best:

“The great tragedy of life is not that people set their sights too high and fail to achieve their goals but that they set their sights too low and do.”

Most importantly, goal-getters never fall into this trap.

How To Be A Goal Getter In 10 Easy Steps

Now that you know the meaning of being a goal getter here are ten steps to becoming one:

  1. Create a vision for the future
  2. Make goal setting a continuous process
  3. Choose different types of goals
  4. Write goals down
  5. Set SMART goals or HARD goals
  6. Share  goals with others
  7. Break big goals into smaller ones
  8. Make a plan for each goal
  9. Take action and monitor progress
  10. Celebrate your success

Next, let’s go through each step one at a time.

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1. Create A Vision For The Future

The first step to achieving great things is creating a vision for your future. When you can envision something, you can achieve it.

During this step, I encourage you to think big. Thus, do not be limited by your thoughts.

2. Make Goal Setting A Continuous Process

The average person might sit down and set objectives once per year. However, goal-getters are continuously developing and achieving goals daily.

First, they break long-term goals down into more manageable monthly goals. Then, they create new ones to take their place as they achieve their short-term goals.

3. Choose Different Types Of Goals

Goal-getters create balance in their life by pursuing a range of different goal types. Possibilities include:

  • Educational
  • Personal
  • Career
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Interpersonal
  • Spiritual

Yes, at different points, one type of goal may take priority over another. However, goal-getters pursue success in multiple areas.

4. Write Goals Down

Research has shown that people are 42% more likely to achieve goals when written down. So, that’s what goal-getters do. They document their goals in writing.

However, these overachievers do more, bringing us to step number 5.

5. Set SMART Goals Or HARD Goals

These highfliers use one of several proven goal-setting systems to document their objectives. Furthermore, there are two popular systems I recommend.

First, there is the SMART goal-setting system. It states when writing goals to make them:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Second, there is the HARD goal-setting system. It states when writing goals to make them:

  • Heartfelt
  • Animated
  • Required
  • Difficult

I prefer SMART goals for business, work, and financial objectives. But, conversely, HARD works great for personal, spiritual, and interpersonal areas of life.

6. Share Goals With Others

After choosing, writing, and setting their objectives, goal-getters share them with others.

A professor at The Ohio State University did a study. It uncovered that you usually benefit more from sharing your objectives than when you do not.

However, it would be most helpful if you shared them with someone whose opinion you value.

7. Break Big Goals Into Smaller Ones

Goal-getters will have a range of short-term and long-term goals. Their short-term objectives often come from breaking more complex long-term objectives into smaller, more manageable ones.

These high fliers sometimes use goal trees. They come in handy for this exercise.

Next up, number 8.

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8. Make A Plan For Each Goal

Where goal-setting systems fall short is in short and long-term action planning.

So goal-getters are planners. They take their written goals and create actionable steps using a proven technique like the 1-3-5 goal planning method. Thus moving from point A to point B efficiently.

9. Take Action And Monitor Progress

Then, with a plan in place, productive actions come easy. But it’s not just activity for the sake of being busy. It’s the focused actions required to achieve every goal.

Furthermore, goal-getters monitor and reflect upon their progress or, in some cases, the lack thereof. They learn from success and failure.

Thus, when things aren’t going according to plan, they adjust, adapt, and correct their course to pursue their objectives.

10. Celebrate Success

Last but not least, these overachievers recognize and celebrate their accomplishments. They do so just long enough to feel joy in achievement. But not too long to rest on their laurels.

It’s all about creating the right mindset. For this, I recommend the following:

How To Develop A Winning Mindset

Okay. Now you understand the meaning of being a goal-getter. Also, you have learned the ten steps to becoming one. Finally, I suggest an excellent course on creating a winning mindset.

Thus, you have all the tips and tools to take your achievements to the next level.

So, allow me to conclude with a few parting thoughts.

Wrap-Up: Goal Getter Or Go Getter

Sometimes being a goal-getter is confused with being a go-getter.

Don’t take this the wrong way because there is nothing wrong with being a go-getter. They are those active types that hustle hard every day.

I was a go-getter for much of my working days. However, at the time, I confused activity with achievement.

Just because I was the first to arrive at work and the last to leave doesn’t mean I was achieving at the highest level.

Don’t let that happen to you. Be a goal-getter, not a go-getter, so you can get everything you desire out of life.

That’s all I have. Thanks for reading. Now, attack your goals.

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