How to Create a Vision Board for your Financial Goals

Because Having A Money Vision Board Inspires Your Success

Today’s article aims to outline exactly how to create a vision board for your financial goals.

After we are done, you will know the 5 steps to bring your money vision board to life. Plus, walk away with tips to turn your goals into reality.

So, let’s get started…

How To Create A Financial Vision Board In 5 Easy Steps

Here’s our suggested step-by-step process for creating your money vision board:

  1. Choose your financial goals
  2. Decide where your money vision board will go
  3. Find images that display your financial vision
  4. Gather supplies for your financial vision board
  5. Use spacial and time elements to create your board

We will go through these steps in a bit. But first, just to make sure we are all clear on today’s topic.

Let’s set our definition…

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What Is A Financial Vision Board?

A financial goals vision board is a collection of images, phrases, and inspirational quotes. It represents your hopes and dreams for your money, finances, and financial independence.

Its purpose is to help you see what financial success looks like. Also, to motivate you to reach your goals.

One of my favorite lines serves to sum up a financial vision board pretty well…

If you can envision it, then you can achieve it!

Okay. We have the steps outlined for creating a vision board for your money goals. And we know exactly what a financial vision board is.

So next, let’s talk about each of the 5 steps in a bit more detail. Of course, starting with the first step.

Then you can get busy. Setting up your financial freedom vision board for long-term success with money!

1. Choose Your Financial Goals

First, keep your financial goal planning balanced. To do so, choose a mix of short, medium, and long-term financial goals.

First of all, short-term goals should be accomplished in less than a year. While long-term financial goals are to be accomplished in more than 5 years.

Finally, medium-term goals are everything in between.

If you already have your specific financial goals in mind. That’s great.

Otherwise, you can see a comprehensive list of potential money goals here.

After selecting your goals, write them down. Be as detailed as possible. And include a date when each goal is to be completed.

Now, let’s move on to step 2. In your quest to create a vision board for financial goals.

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2. Decide Where Your Money Vision Board Will Go

Think about the best place for your money vision board.

First, select an area where you will see it every day.

Second, choose a spot where it is easy to work with.

Here are a few ideas for where to place it…

A vacant wall in a room in your home. Make sure it is a room you come to frequently.

On a corkboard. Above or next to your desk in your home office.

On the wall beside your bathroom mirror. So you will see it every morning while you get ready for your day.

On the refrigerator in your kitchen.

Or, even as a screen saver on your personal computer. Then you will have a digital vision board for your most important money goals.

Next up, you need images, quotes, and phrases. That’s step 3…

3. Find Images That Depict Your Money Goals

Here is the key to finding images for your money vision board. It is to make sure they closely relate to your financial goals.

My favorite place online to find free stock images is Old magazines are a great source too.

Now, let’s pull together what we know. And consider some financial goals vision board examples…

Financial Vision Board Examples

  • Financial goal: Open a savings account
  • Image: Picture of a bank
  • Financial goal: Save money for an emergency fund
  • Image: A stack of cash and coins
  • Financial goal: Buy a new car
  • Image: Picture of the car you desire
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  • Financial goal: Save for an international vacation
  • Image: Picture of one of your destinations
  • Financial goal: Become debt-free
  • Image: Picture of a piggy bank
  • Financial goal: Own a home
  • Image: Picture of your dream house
  • Financial goal: Retire early
  • Image: Picture of yourself on vacation
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Do you see how these financial goals are well-balanced?

Since they take into account short, medium, and long-term objectives. All building to achieve your vision of financial freedom.

Next, gather the rest of your materials…

4. Gather Supplies

Much of what you need will depend on where you have decided to put your money vision board. And how you have decided to mount your images.

If you are going to use a spare wall. Some double stick tape should suffice.

On the other hand, you may want to put it on a whiteboard, bulletin board, poster board, or corkboard. And hang it on the wall.

Also, a color printer comes in very handy. For printing photos, images, and quotes from websites.

Then depending on what type of base you have chosen. It will dictate the other necessary supplies. Such as tape, glue, push pins, wall hangers, etc.

Finally, get a nice sharp pair of scissors. For cutting your images to the size and shape you desire.

Next, it’s time to let your creativity flow. And put your vision board together.

5. Use Spacial And Time Elements To Create Your Board

If you are the artistic type. That’s great. Then go for the design that shows it off and inspires you.

For the rest of us, not-so-talented types. Let me offer several tips about goals and organizing your financial vision board for success.

Financial Vision Board Ideas

First, consider what I call the hub and spoke concept.

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Here, you put your big tough long-term financial goals right in the center of your vision board. That’s the hub.

Then surround the hub with images of shorter-term goals. Specifically, financial goals that are related to your long-term objectives.

Next, you might like the stair-step design.

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Here you put your short-term goals at the base of the stairs. And climb higher and up to the right with the images of your long-term goals.

Finally, there is the goal tree concept.

The roots are short-term goals. While the trunk represents medium-term goals. And finally, the images of your long-term goals are part of the tree’s canopy of leaves.

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And there you have it. That’s exactly how to go about creating a vision board for your financial goals.

So, your vision board helps you visualize what you want to accomplish. And provides the motivation and inspiration for when the going gets a little tough.

Because achieving important goals is possible. However, it’s hard work. But worth it, in my opinion.

Next, I would like to share a few tips on how best to achieve your goals…

Tips For Turning Your Financial Freedom Vision Board Into Reality

Believe in yourself. And always keep a positive attitude. I suggest putting a positive quote right at the top of your financial vision board.

Set your goals the right way

First, break your difficult goals into shorter-term milestones. Find images that support those stepping stones along the way.

Next, get started. Focus on activities and processes that support your goals.

Furthermore, don’t worry so much about the result. Especially in the early going.

Here’s one of my favorite sayings…

Don’t let perfection get in the way of good enough.

Learn from your setbacks. And celebrate your successes along the way.

Finally, as you achieve some of your short-term goals. Or, when your circumstances dictate. Update your financial vision board.

It’s fun. And it will keep you motivated.

Expand your vision into other areas. Such as life goals.

Finally, for a little more help and motivation. Consider the resources at the Goalry virtual goal mall.

It contains all the tips, resources, and tools to make your financial dreams come true.

Okay. That’s it for today.

Here’s a wrap-up…

How To Create A Financial Vision Board

5 simple steps for creating a financial vision board:

  1. Choose your goals
  2. Decide where your board will be physically located
  3. Find images that relate to your goals
  4. Gather the necessary supplies
  5. Create your board using elements of space and time

Now get busy. And make your vision a reality! By creating your very own money vision board.

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

Steps For Creating A Financial Vision Board Explained