12 Revealing Reasons People Regret Moving To Tennessee

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Exploring Why Tennessee Is A Bad Place To Live For Some

Is Tennessee a bad place to live? For some, it is. So, let’s review why. Then you won’t be one of the people who regret moving to Tennessee.

Why People Regret Moving To Tennessee

  1. Low household incomes
  2. Costly sales taxes
  3. Average education system
  4. Drenching rains
  5. Summer heat and humidity
  6. Irritating bugs
  7. Excessive pollen and seasonal allergies
  8. Risk of tornadoes
  9. Too many transplants
  10. Crime in the big cities
  11. Poor health
  12. Winter ice storms

Next, let’s review each of these points. After we finish, you will better understand why some people hate living in Tennessee and prefer other states like nearby North Carolina.

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1. Low Household Incomes

Tennessee is a bad place to live because of low household incomes.

The state routinely falls in the bottom ten of all states in the country based on the median household income. Source: World Population Review.

Fortunately, Tennessee offers a modest cost of living. However, a low income can put a strain on your budget.

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2. Costly Sales Taxes

People regret moving to Tennessee because of the high sales taxes.

The combined state and local sales tax rate comes to almost 10%. This rate is one of the highest of all states in the country. Source: Tax Foundation

Thus, Tennessee sales taxes will add to the cost of furnishing your house. Plus, your ongoing day-to-day expenses. As a result, be careful if you are retiring to Tennessee on a fixed income.

3. Average Education System

Tennessee is a bad place to live for your family because of the sub-par public education system. The state ranks number 33 for the combined quality of its pre-K-12 and higher education programs.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

4. Drenching Rains

Some people hate living in Tennessee because it is the sixth rainiest state in the country. Source: Knoxville News Sentinel.

July typically gets the most rain. Furthermore, Tennessee receives plenty of rain when remnants of tropical storms and hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico make landfall and move north.

5. Summer Heat And Humidity

Another one of the reasons not to move to Tennessee is the harsh summer heat and humidity.

According to a local who left Tennessee commenting on the question-and-answer site Quora, they couldn’t take the heat.

Here’s what they said.

One summer was enough to kick my butt! Summer in Tennessee was terrible for my health, but the humidity worsened it. Also, Tennessee has a very long summer season lasting 5–6 months.”

Peak summer temperatures routinely reach into the 90s. Combine the heat with high humidity, and it feels even more uncomfortable.

6. Irritating Bugs

Another one of the reasons not to move to Tennessee is the insect population. Yes, they like living in Tennessee, even though you may hate it.

Cockroaches get into your Tennessee house. Mosquitos ruin your best summer outdoor plans. Disease-carrying ticks will make you think twice about hiking through the woods.

Beware of the four Tennessee cities with the most mosquito issues, Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis. Source: Active Pest Control.

7. Excessive Pollen And Seasonal Allergies

Some people have left Tennessee because of severe seasonal allergies. Rain, heat, humidity, and lots of shrubs and trees make the spring through fall seasons tough on seasonal allergy suffers.

Outdoor surfaces get coated with a sticky green and yellow film. On some days, you can see clouds of pollen floating in the air.

Thus, Californians regret moving to Tennessee, as do people from arid states with better air quality, like Colorado and Utah.

8. Risk Of Tornadoes

One of the reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live is Tornadoes. These damaging storms can cause massive destruction to real estate and loss of life with little notice.

Since 1997, Tennessee has averaged 37 tornadoes each year. Source: Policy Genius

9. Too Many Transplants

Many people are moving to Tennessee, especially Nashville, the Music City, where the country music scene reigns supreme. Retirees are moving to Tennessee. People who work remotely have escaped into Tennessee from large metropolitan areas.

The population increase is putting a strain on resources, causing more traffic congestion and increasing prices for everything.

As a result, you may regret moving to Tennessee if you prefer to avoid following the crowd. Furthermore, long-time Tennessee locals can be suspicious of newcomers.

10. Crime In The Big Cities

One of the big reasons not to move to Tennessee is crime. Choose your location wisely, or you will quickly learn why Tennessee is so dangerous.

Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga have high crime in specific areas. Furthermore, the state ranks in the top 5 for the most violent crime in the country.

Source: Southwest Journal

11. Poor Health

After moving to Tennessee, you may be disappointed about the poor health of your new friends and neighbors. The state ranks near the bottom of all states for health outcomes.

Challenges include high numbers of smokers, premature death rates, drug overdoses, and people with multiple chronic health conditions.

Source: United Healthcare’s health rankings report

12. Winter Ice Storms

Yes, winters are mild here. However, you will regret moving to Tennessee if you get hung up in an ice storm.

Here’s a true story.

I traveled near Memphis a few years ago when a freezing rain storm hit. Temperatures dropped, and everything was frozen over. I couldn’t walk outside without falling on the ice. Driving was impossible, and the region couldn’t melt or remove snow and ice from the roadways.

I had to hunker down in a hotel with dozens of other stranded travelers for almost a week and wait for the ice to thaw.

Okay. That’s all I have for today. Before I wrap up with some final thoughts, enjoy and save this image to your Pinterest board:

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Why People Regret Moving To Tennessee – Wrap Up

Now you know why Tennessee is a bad place to live for some. So before you pack up and regret moving to Tennessee, carefully examine all of the Tennessee living pros and cons.

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The Reasons People Regret Moving To Tennessee Explained