10 Pros and Cons of Living in Tennessee Right Now

Best Things To Know When Thinking Of Moving To Tennessee

Are the pros and cons of living in Tennessee on your mind? Then, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are thinking of moving to Tennessee for work? Or, finding the best town for retiring in Tennessee during your golden years?

Regardless of your situation, there are benefits of living in Tennessee to be aware of. Also, some reasons not to move to Tennessee should be considered.

With that introduction in mind, let’s dive into the pros and cons. To answer these questions: Is Tennessee a good place to live? And why move to Tennessee?

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10 Pros And Cons Of Living In Tennessee

First, here are 6 advantages of living in Tennessee. Then, 4 disadvantages when considering “The Volunteer State”.

  • Low cost of living
  • Reasonable property taxes
  • No income taxes
  • Tennessee Promise scholarship program
  • Abundant recreational opportunities
  • Gentle winter climate
  • Oppressive summer heat and humidity
  • A tendency for severe weather
  • Consequences of rapid population growth
  • High crime in certain areas

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Pros and Cons: Is Tennessee A Good Place To Live?

First of all, I have to admit that I am a little biased about living in this great state. Because my wife’s family has lived in Tennessee for many years.

Furthermore, we have spent many holidays in this wonderful state. Enjoying the food. And, festivities.

Also, we like the beautiful parks. And hiking trails on our outdoor vacations. Or, other adventures when we have visited.

Finally, I’m a little jealous of my in-law’s low cost of living in Tennessee. We can’t touch it in our home town. And there are many inexpensive places to live in Tennessee.

So, if you are thinking about moving to Tennessee. And a low cost of living, fun things to do, and mild winters are your priorities. Then yes, Tennessee is a good place to live.

Next, let’s cover each of these pros and cons of living in Tennessee in greater detail. So you will understand where I’m coming from.

Since this is a personal finance site. We will start with Tennessee’s impact on your finances.

And, when you are done. Be sure to check out all of our articles about where to live. I’m sure you will find something of interest. To fatten up your wallet. Before and after the big move to Tennessee.

Because most people want a nice place. And an affordable location in which to live.

Furthermore, I’m all in when it comes to saving money. Wherever you and I can.

Cost of Living In Tennessee

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The cost of living in Tennessee is about 12% lower than the average of all states in America. Groceries, utilities, and transportation all contribute to the cost savings.

But, where Tennessee shines is in the cost of housing. The median cost of the state’s average home is nearly 30% less than the national average.

Need a mortgage for that new home? There are plenty of fast, affordable online options.

Then there’s the real estate tax. Also known as property taxes…

Property Taxes In Tennessee

Whether you own a home and pay property taxes directly. Or rent, the property tax bill still comes out of your pocket.  One way or another.

And when it comes to property taxes, living in Tennessee will improve your cash flow. Because property taxes on a median-priced Tennessee home come in as one of the lowest 10 states in the nation!

Are you interested in renting or buying a property in Tennessee? Either way, your credit score will be reviewed by your landlord or lender.

So, keep a close eye on your credit score. You can do so for free with Credit Karma. Make it the best it can be!

No Income Taxes When Living In Tennessee

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Okay, hold on to your hat. Because when it comes to income taxes, you won’t be making a financial mistake moving to Tennessee.

That’s because Tennessee has no income tax. That’s right zero. Tennessee is just 1 of 8 states in America that do not have an income tax.

Is your goal to make as much money as you can? If yes, Tennessee won’t take any of it.

To be honest, there was a quirky tax on dividend income and interest income. It was called the Hall tax. But here’s the good news.

Over the past few years, the Hall tax was phased out.  And, starting in 2021, it was completely repealed

I’m glad the politicians got this right. Otherwise, I would have a major financial problem with the taxes in Tennessee. After all, this is Dividends Diversify. Where we build wealth one dividend at a time.

Next, I want to share 1 more cost savings benefit to living in Tennessee. It relates to the ever-rising cost of quality higher education in this state. And other states too.

Tennessee Promise Scholarship Program

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Tennessee Promise is both a higher education scholarship and mentoring program. It is focused on increasing the number of students that attend college in the state. And encouraging their success in school.

The program provides students with a last-dollar scholarship to attend community college. What this means is the scholarship will cover tuition and fees not covered by the Pell grant, the HOPE scholarship, or state student assistance funds.

Another part of Tennessee Promise is the individual guidance each qualified student will receive from a mentor.  The mentor’s role is to assist the student as he or she navigates the college admissions process. And, acclimates to higher education.

Allow me to interject my personal opinion. Because I think education is very important.

When family money is tight. A free community college is a great option. Get that first year or two of general college credits out of the way for free.

Then transfer to a University. To finish up with that name-brand degree. In a chosen field of study.

Far too many students and families go into too much debt for higher education. With little to show for it down the road. It’s a serious case of bad financial decision-making.

Okay. Enough of my opinions.

Let’s recap. So far we have covered the cost of living in Tennessee, taxes, and higher education expenses.

But, it’s no fun to scrimp and save every day. Doing so might make us all miserable. Even though it’s great for achieving short-term financial goals.

Time for some fun. And enjoy a little relaxation. Once again living in Tennessee is a smart way to go.

Great Recreational Opportunities In Tennessee

When it comes to having fun, Tennessee has a little something for everyone. Similar to the many recreational advantages of living in Florida.

Here are a few options when you need to unwind in the Volunteer State.

A Pro For Living In Tennesse: Music

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I could write a whole article on the Tennessee music scene. Also, its history. And I am sure many have written about it.

But from my perspective, Tennessee is well-known for 2 popular styles of music. Blues and Country.

Beale Street, located in Memphis, is arguably considered the birthplace of blues music.

There there is the iconic Grand Ole Opry.

It contributed to making Nashville in middle Tennessee. A hotbed for the country music recording industry.

A Pro For Living In Tennessee: The Outdoors

Tennessee is known for its beautiful landscape and natural scenery. Once again, a little something for everyone here.

Enjoying the outdoors is a good way to stretch your dollars in retirement. Or, any stage of life, for that matter.

There are thousands of caves to explore when you live in Tennessee. Some of the locations are free to visit. While those that offer paid tours are worth it for the educational experience they provide.

Do you like the autumn colors of turning trees? Tennessee is second to none for the beauty of changing leaves during the fall, cool, crisp time of year.

And I have saved the best for last. If you like a state with national parks. Because Tennessee has Great Smoky Mountain national park.

I visited once many years ago. So did my wife before we met.

This National Park is on our bucket list to visit as a couple. And hike the trails until our hearts are content.

If the park is an important feature for you. Think about relocating to Knoxville. Living there will put you right on the doorstep of this beautiful area.

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A Pro For Living In Tennesse: Food & Festivals

One of my favorite foods is barbeque. And Tennessee is certainly known for that.

Where I live, barbeque with a wet sauce is the popular style. But when you go to Tennessee, especially Memphis, you must try the barbeque with the dry rub seasoning. So good!

From the big-name barbeque restaurants, like the Rendezvous, in downtown Memphis. To the small Mom and Pops, you’ve never heard of. I’ve tried quite a few. And never go away disappointed.

Barbeque lovers looking to move should consider another mid-South state. Specifically, Kansas has plenty to offer when it comes to food and barbeque.

Finally, there’s more to food and fun than barbeque. Because Tennessee has a festival for just about every type of entertainment. That is for sure.

Last, but not least, there is 1 more advantage to living in Tennessee that I can think of…

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Tennessee: A Gentle Winter Climate

Enjoy all 4 seasons in Tennessee. But you can take a pass on harsh winter weather.

In the dead of winter, high temperatures routinely hit the 50s. And lows fall to around freezing.

Furthermore, snowfall is limited. Except as you move near the Appalachian Mountains. In the Eastern part of the state.

Do you like this kind of weather Tennessee offers?

Then you might also want to consider living in Arkansas.

So, that concludes the 6 benefits of living in Tennessee. But, I’m not done with the weather. Next, we are ready for a few reasons not to move to Tennessee.

Tennessee is Known For Hot Summer Heat And Humidity

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Now, I have to admit. I dislike hot humid weather.

For me, if it’s 85 degrees and 100% humidity, it might as well be 20 below zero. Because I’m not going outside if I don’t have to.

But you have to take the good with the bad. Those mild winters lead to hot and humid summers.

Highs in the 90s. Lows in the 70s. Plus plenty of humidity is pretty common. Just like living in Mississippi to the South.

So, if you are thinking about the pros and cons of moving to Tennessee. Be sure to consider how you are going to beat the summer heat.

But realize, it’s not too different than other central-south areas in the U.S. Because neighboring states to the West like Oklahoma and Arkansas have hot summers too.

Living In Tennessee May Mean Severe Weather

Parts of Tennessee are prone to severe weather.

Because it is located in an area of the United States where colder weather from the North can mix with hot weather moving down into the southern states.

The result. Times of severe thunderstorms. Hail. And remnants of hurricanes that can drench areas of the state.

Also, living in middle Tennessee means you will be prone to tornado activity.

The bottom line here. Make sure you have good insurance coverage in place.

Population Growth In Certain Tennessee Cities

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All the advantages of living in this state, Tennessee, have come at a price. That being rapid population growth. Nashville and Memphis in particular have been impacted by this trend.

First of all, well-known companies are expanding into Tennessee. Names like Amazon and Facebook come to mind. Bringing employees and job searchers with them.

This could be a good thing. If finding a new job is an example of one of your goals.

Also, the newfound freedom of remote work is behind the growth. Because of many relocating residents formerly from congested cities like New York and Chicago.

These people are no longer tied to a work site. And are discovering the many reasons for moving to Tennessee.

Maybe this population surge isn’t a big deal for new residents. But I’m sure long-time inhabitants are feeling the changes.

Crowds and urban congestion, are not your thing? Then consider living in Iowa. A good state to live in that hasn’t been caught up in urbanization.

Finally, I have 1 more reason not to move to Tennessee.  Then we will wrap up.

Some Areas In Tennessee Have High Crime Rates


Like so many of the pros and cons, it’s hard to generalize across the entire state of Tennessee. When it comes to safety.

Some areas of Tennessee are very safe. While others, specifically parts of the Memphis metropolitan area have especially high crime rates.

Overall, statistics show Tennessee’s violent crime rate and property crime rate. Are both higher than the national averages. Similar to its neighboring state to the Northwest, Missouri.

But don’t let this deter you when considering reasons to move to Tennessee. For example, my wife’s family has lived South and East of Memphis for many years. And never had a problem with safety or crime.

Just be choosy when it comes to your location and neighborhood. And be sure to do your due diligence. Since a smaller city like Chattanooga will be safer. Versus the larger cities, such as Memphis.

That concludes the 10 pros and cons of living in Tennessee. Hopefully, this has been beneficial. As you try and set smart goals about where to live in the future.

So, allow me to wrap this up. With a few parting thoughts.

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Summary: Pros And Cons Of Living In Tennessee

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The Volunteer state has a lot to consider. For anyone interested in the pros and cons of moving to Tennessee.

Do your homework. Get your finances organized. And I’m sure you will live happily for many years.

For reference, here is a summary. The 10 pros and cons of living in Tennessee we just covered.

The first 6 are great reasons to move to Tennessee. Especially if your financial goals include saving money. While the final 4 are reasons not to move to Tennessee.

  • Low cost of living
  • Reasonable property taxes
  • No income taxes
  • The Tennessee Promise scholarship program
  • Great recreational opportunities
  • A gentle winter climate
  • Hot summer heat and humidity
  • A tendency for severe weather
  • Consequences of rapid population growth
  • High crime in certain areas

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Best of all they are all free to sign up and use. I have summarized them here for your convenience.

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