15 Pros and Cons of Living in Franklin, TN Right Now

Good Things To Know Before Moving To Franklin, Tennessee

Today, I would like to discuss the pros and cons of living in Franklin, TN. And address the big question that is probably on your mind.

Specifically, is Franklin a good place to live?

Let’s jump right in…

Pros And Cons Of Living In Franklin, Tennessee

Our top 15 living in Franklin pros and cons include:

  • Welcoming residents
  • Small-town feel
  • Family Friendly
  • Beautiful natural scenery
  • Four season weather conditions
  • Plenty of fun activities
  • A healthy economy and job market
  • Low taxes
  • High cost of living
  • Homeowners associations (HOAs)
  • Limited public transportation
  • Increasing traffic congestion
  • Summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of tornados
  • Difficult for seasonal allergy sufferers

Next, I’d like to address that burning question I mentioned in the introduction to this article…

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Is Franklin, TN A Good Place To Live?

Located in the heart of middle Tennessee about 20 miles from the fabulous city of Nashville. Franklin has a population of about 80,000 residents within Tennessee’s Williamson County.

It offers the comforting feel of a small town, a growing economy, and access to all kinds of fun things to do in and around the area.

Whether you are working or considering retirement living in Franklin. It’s a great spot.

On the other hand, popularity has a price. Leading to a high cost of living and increased traffic congestion. Along with a few other inconveniences that come with living in this part of the country.

So, with those highlights taken care of. Let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of moving here.

Starting with the pros of living in Franklin.

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But now, back to Franklin…

Welcoming Residents

First of all, you will find very friendly, kind, nice, and welcoming people living in Franklin. Accompanied by a surprising and refreshing amount of diversity.

Furthermore, the residents take great pride in their hometown. And their home state of Tennessee too.

Finally, typical behaviors include helping those in need, good manners, and friendly waves as you move about town. Going about the business of your day.

Small-Town Feel

While Nashville is the largest city in the state. Franklin has a small-town feel about it.

It has a historic downtown square. And a Main Street full of shops, restaurants, and historic buildings.

You will find a lot of southern charm. Almost like you have stepped back in time. It strikes a nice balance between preserved, yet modernized.

Most anywhere you choose to locate here, you will be close to all the essentials. Grocery, home improvement stores, restaurants, and exercise facilities will be just minutes away.

There are some larger developments and master-planned communities. Most of which are located farther out from the city center.

For example, Westhaven is one of the nicest and most developed. It has its fire station, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

Other possible communities include Sullivan Farms and Barry Farms.

Whatever you are looking for, there are plenty of housing options. From planned communities to traditional neighborhoods to farms.

And if you are specifically interested in farmland. Then check out the opportunities at AcreTrader.

But regardless of what you are looking for. Diversity, curb appeal, and character are in good supply.

Okay. We are just getting rolling. As our top moving to Franklin pros and cons continue…

Family Friendly

family park in a Franklin neighborhoodPin

First of all, many communities have swimming pools, soccer fields, and playgrounds. Plus nearby trails for strolling, jogging, and biking. Great places for the kids to burn off some steam.

Furthermore, Franklin is one of the safest towns in Tennessee. With a very low crime rate.

Finally, the private schools and public schools are very good too.

Some of the best in the Nashville metro area. Boasting a moderate student-to-teacher ratio and solid test scores.

Next up, one of the best things about your new Franklin lifestyle…

Beautiful Natural Scenery

Franklin is blessed with many green spaces. And beautiful rolling hills.

There is also still farmland around the edges of the city. Plus acres of land in the city that has been preserved.

The vibrant colors from the changing leaves during the fall season. Add another element to the area’s rich beauty.

Unfortunately, you won’t have immediate access to the mountains. As residents of Eastern Tennessee do.

But you are only about 200 miles away from Knoxville. A gateway city to the Smoky Mountains.

Four Season Weather Conditions

You could say that middle Tennessee gets some of the best weather in the country. A very temperate climate. Without the extreme cold of northern states.

Most of the year, temperatures rise into the 70s and 80s. While readings in the 30s and 40s are common during the coldest months of January and February.

So, if you enjoy four-season living. With warm summers, cool falls, and moderate winters. You will like living here.

And being able to get outside because of the nice weather leads us to another one of the benefits of living in Franklin…

Plenty Of Fun Activities

You already know about the historic downtown area. With loads of restaurants, shops, bars, and live music. It is very cute, charming, and fun to visit.

There also is “The Factory”. An old stove manufacturing plant turned into shops. It also hosts the town’s farmers’ market.

The downtown area boasts some great festivals too.

So, be sure to check out the annual Pumpkin Festival. The “Dickens of a Christmas” event. And finally, the Main Street Festival is held every spring.

Just outside of Franklin to the southwest is Leipers Fork. Another cute downtown that makes for a fun visit.

Next, we have Harlinsdale Farm. It is a nearly 200-acre district in Franklin and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There you will find a:

  • 4-acre dog park
  • 3-acre pond for catch and release fishing
  • 5-kilometer track for walking and running
  • An equestrian trail

The farm also hosts the nationally renowned Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival each year. It runs for 2-days every September

Also, there are several access points in and around town to the Harpeth River. For kayaking, swimming, floating, and canoeing.

You can stretch your legs on the Natchez Trace Parkway. A 400-plus-mile historic forest trail extending from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi.

For music lovers, located at the Graystone Quarry in Thompson’s Station. Near the southern border of the city, you will find the FirstBank Amphitheater.

It opened not long ago. And makes the country music scene great for both fans and the artists who perform there.

Now, some of us have to work. And job opportunities are another great thing about living in Franklin…

Healthy Economy & Job Market

Middle Tennessee cities in general have a low unemployment rate. And it’s not just people who are relocating to the area.

Because businesses are finding it a prime location for expansion and job creation. For example…

Mitsubishi Motors North America relocated its headquarters here from California. They invested more than $18 million in a new site. And created nearly 200 jobs.

Several years ago, Nissan North America moved its headquarters from the Los Angeles area to Franklin. It is now one of Williamson County’s most prominent employers.

Spirit Airlines relocated its operations control center here from Florida. Bringing more than 200 jobs to the area. And created many more after their move.

The list goes on. With other businesses moving to and making investments in and around the Franklin area.

Such as biometric technology company IBT, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Kaiser Aluminum, and CKE Restaurants.

So, depending on what you are looking for. There is a good chance that you can work and live right here in Franklin.

Next, let’s talk money. In some ways, but not all, it’s another one of the good things about living in Franklin…

Low Taxes

First of all, one of the big attractions about Tennessee living is no state income tax.

Depending on how much money you make. And the state you are moving from, your savings can be substantial.

Furthermore, Tennessee real estate taxes are moderate too.

Compared to the northeast, the midwest, or California. You can usually cut your property taxes by one-third. Maybe more versus what you are paying now.

But that’s where the great things about moving to Franklin end. As it relates to your money.

So, let’s stay on the topic of finance. And move on to the cons of living in Franklin…

pros and cons of moving to Franklin, TNPin

High Cost of Living

Compared to many other less expensive Tennessee cities. Franklin is more costly.

Partly because of increasing housing costs. As a result of growing demand from out of staters.

According to BestPlace.net, the median home value in Franklin is more than double the national average in the United States. And almost triple the average for the Volunteer State.

For a cheaper alternative outside of Nashville, consider relocating to Murfreesboro. It is the largest suburb in the greater metro area and an excellent place for a family to settle down.

In and around the city gas prices tend to be 10-20 cents higher. Versus more rural areas to the west.

So, if your responsibilities call for you to commute around the middle-Tennessee area. Plan to fill your tank when you are in more remote lesser populated areas.

Finally, Tennessee is a high sales tax state. After all, with no state income tax and low-cost property taxes, the state has to generate revenue in some way.

And it does so by taxing your purchases. With a combined state and county sales tax rate of nearly 10%.

Think about that when you go to buy a $30,000 car. Sales tax will tack on another $3,000. Ouch!

Next, I have another potential negative about living in Franklin that can also increase your costs…

Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

Homeowners associations are prevalent in the Franklin area. Much like many other cities in Tennessee.

HOA fees can get expensive, rarely go down, and do not build equity in your real estate.

You will also have to deal with restrictions. Setting limits on what you can and can not do with your property.

So, be sure to read the fine print. When your new home will be part of an HOA.

Lastly, with all this talk about money, taxes, and the cost of living in Franklin. Be sure to get your financial house in order before you move.

I suggest using the free online app from Personal Capital. It’s a great tool to consolidate your spending, budget, and investments all in one place.

Limited Public Transportation

Unless you plan on living, working, and recreating in a confined area. Most likely, choosing to move to Franklin means you will need to own a car.

While public transportation is available. It is limited and not very convenient. For getting where you want to go and when you want to get there.

Franklin transit provides a fixed-route bus system. But doesn’t have very extensive coverage.

Also, there is an on-demand curb to curb pick-up and drop-off service called TODD that you can schedule. Along with private options from Uber and Lyft.

Bringing us to another one of the worst things about living in Franklin…

Increasing Traffic Congestion

Because of the growing population, a lagging road infrastructure, and limited public transportation. These things combine to mean one thing.

And that thing is bad traffic.

It has been an issue in the greater Nashville area for several years. And Franklin is no different.

You will find traffic backups in and out of downtown. And it is congested specifically around the Cool Springs neighborhood. Also the entrance and exit ramps to the Interstate 65 corridor.

Residents complain about it. Especially the long-time locals who remember when the roads around here were pretty quiet.

On the other hand, if you are moving to Franklin from one of the major U.S. metropolitan areas. Such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, or Houston.

More than likely, you won’t think twice about the traffic. Because it’s nothing compared to those places.

Next, and before I wrap this up, allow me to touch on a few weather-related cons of Franklin living…

Summer Heat And Humidity

First of all, the peak summer months of July and August are hot. With plenty of humidity.

Temperatures can rise well into the 90s. And the humidity levels are just as high.

And unlike moving to a warm coastal area in Florida. You can’t go to the beach to beat the heat.

Risk Of Tornados

Almost every area in the United States encounters some type of severe weather. And middle-Tennesse including Franklin is no different.

Because from February through April. And again in the fall during November, the likelihood of tornado activity is high.

This area is part of what is known as Dixie Alley which includes a regional area of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and other southeastern states. Where tornados are prevalent.

And unlike Hurricanes that reak havoc on Texas and Florida. These weather events hit will little warning. So, you need to be prepared to take shelter on short notice.

Last but not least. One more of the bad things about moving to Franklin…

Seasonal Allergies

Finally, we know this is a beautiful, lush, green area. Full of flora, fauna, and foliage brought on by the abundant rainfall and temperate climate.

But that means for much of the year, there is a lot of pollen in the air. And with it comes a heavy allergy season.

As a result, the area ranks among the country’s worst for seasonal allergy sufferers.

The temperate weather is part of the problem. So, the same nice weather that let you go for a comfortable bike ride in March. May also be why your allergies pick up shortly thereafter.

Geography also plays a role. Since the area is located underneath the Cumberland Plateau.

When the winds pick up, they don’t clear out the pollen. It all stays somewhat trapped. Meaning the pollen counts can get very high.

Spring rains combat pollen. By washing it out of the air.

However, the moisture creates mold. And trades one troublesome allergen for another.

Okay. That concludes the disadvantages of your possible Franklin lifestyle. And we covered the good things about it earlier.

So, let’s wrap this up with a summary.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Franklin, Tennessee

Yes, Franklin is a good place to live. As long as you can afford the higher average cost of living. And put up with a few minor downsides mostly brought on by its popularity, geography, and climate.

Regardless, carefully consider these pros and cons of moving to Franklin before committing…

  • Welcoming residents
  • Small-town feel
  • Family Friendly
  • Beautiful natural scenery
  • Four season weather conditions
  • Plenty of fun activities
  • A healthy economy and job market
  • Low taxes
  • High cost of living
  • Homeowners associations (HOAs)
  • Limited public transportation
  • Increasing traffic congestion
  • Summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of tornados
  • Difficult for seasonal allergy sufferers

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