12 Stocks That Pay Dividends In March: Cash In Now!

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Best March Dividend Paying Stocks For Quarterly Dividends

Today, I will share twelve of my favorite stocks that pay dividends in March. It’s a valuable resource to help you fill out your monthly dividend calendar with March dividends. Let’s get moving.

Stocks That Pay Dividends In March

CompanySymbolS&P 500 Sector
1. Johnson & JohnsonJNJHealth Care
2. McDonald’sMCDConsumer Discretionary
3. MicrosoftMSFTInformation Technology
4. NextEra EnergyNEEUtilities
5. Southern Co.SOUtilities
6. TargetTGTConsumer Staples
7. United ParcelUPSIndustrials
8. Wisconsin EnergyWECUtilities
9. Realty IncomeOReal Estate
10. Becton DickinsonBDXHealth Care
11. CumminsCMIIndustrials
12. WalgreensWBAConsumer Staples
Table 1: Stocks That Pay March Dividends

Next is a brief review of these companies paying dividends in March.

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Disclosure: At no cost to you, I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

1. Johnson & Johnson

JNJ pays dividends in MarchPin
  • Stock symbol: JNJ
  • Increased dividend annually since 1963
  • Dividend King
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

JNJ aspires to help people live healthier lives by developing and selling innovative healthcare products. The company will benefit as the world’s population ages and people demand greater healthcare services and products.

JNJ’s brand recognition, product diversity, and complexity of the R&D underlying its products provide tremendous competitive advantages, increasing dividend safety.

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2. McDonald’s

McDonald's is a Dividend AristocratPin

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 and has become one of the world’s largest restaurant chains. The company’s brand is global since the “Golden Arches” are recognized internationally.

  • Stock symbol: MCD
  • Increased dividend annually since 1976
  • Dividend Aristocrat
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend: late-February

Thousands of small and mid-sized operators own and operate most of the company’s restaurants. These business owners are known as franchisees.

More than 80% of restaurants worldwide are locally owned franchises. And the count is even higher in the United States at more than 90%.

Thus, McDonald’s makes most of its money from franchise fees, not by selling burgers and fries.

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3. Microsoft

microsoft stockPin

I like having technology exposure in my dividend portfolio. Thus, I own Microsoft.

  • Stock symbol: MSFT
  • Increased dividend annually since 2002
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

Microsoft emphasizes 3 primary business segments.

1. Productivity & business processes include Microsoft Office products, LinkedIn services, subscriptions, and Microsoft Dynamics business solutions.

2. The Intelligent cloud comprises public, private, and hybrid server products and cloud services that power business computing.

3. More personal computing is a “catch-all” for other products and services. The sales of tablets, gaming devices, and personal computer accessories fall into this category.

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4. NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy LogoPin

Here is another high-quality March dividend payer, NextEra, as we move from a technology company to a utility.

  • Stock symbol: NEE
  • Increased dividend annually since 1996
  • Dividend Aristocrat
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is late-February

NextEra Energy is one of North America’s largest electric power and energy infrastructure companies.  The company is also a leader in the renewable energy sector.

NextEra has two primary businesses, Florida Power & Light (FPL) and NextEra Energy Resources (NEER).

FPL is the largest electric utility in Florida and one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S.

NEER is the world’s largest generator of renewable energy. The power is produced from the wind and sun.

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5. Southern Company

utility stocks paying March dividendsPin

Next up is Southern, one of the best utility stocks that pay dividends and another Dividend Achiever on our list.

  • Stock symbol: SO
  • Increased dividend annually since 2002
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

Southern provides energy to customers in the United States through:

  • Electric operating companies
  • Natural gas distribution companies
  • A generation company serving wholesale customers in all states

Furthermore, Southern is a nationally recognized provider of energy solutions, fiber optics, and wireless communications.  The company’s service territories are in the Southeastern and Mid-South United States.

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6. Target

stocks that pay dividends in March - TargetPin
  • Stock symbol: TGT
  • Increased dividend annually since 1972
  • Dividend King
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

Over the past few years, Target has transformed into a multichannel retailer as consumers consolidate their shopping trips or order online.

Thus, Target positioned itself nicely to be in the right places at the right time, protecting its dividend and status as a Dividend King.

7. United Parcel Service

UPS stock dividendPin
  • Stock symbol: UPS
  • Increased dividend annually since 2010
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

UPS is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies and provides global supply chain management solutions. The company is also a leader in the U.S. less-than-truckload freight delivery segment known as “LTL.” 

UPS uses over 500 planes and 100,000 vehicles to deliver millions of packages daily to residences and businesses worldwide.

8. Wisconsin Energy Group

Next, I have another utility on today’s stock list for dividends in March.  It is Wisconsin Energy Group.

  • Stock symbol: WEC
  • Increased dividend annually since 2004
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is mid-February

WEC, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the largest electric generation, distribution, and natural gas delivery holding companies in the United States.  This utility company provides energy services to more than 4.5 million customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota.

WEC is an example of a multi-utility because it does business through several energy companies and subsidiaries.

9. Realty Income

Realty Income for monthly dividendsPin

Next, let’s move into the real estate sector and discuss Realty Income. The company has one of the most consistent dividend track records and pays dividends monthly.

  • Stock symbol: O
  • Increased dividend annually since 1994
  • Dividend Aristocrat
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is in late February.

Realty Income owns and rents out commercial properties.

Known as the Monthly Dividend Company, Reality Income pays dividends in March.  And as I mentioned, it is one of the relatively few high-quality stocks that pay dividends monthly.

Do you want to make money from dividends every month?  If yes, Realty Income is a good dividend stock to consider.

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10. Becton Dickinson

Next is one of my favorite healthcare dividend-paying companies, Becton Dickinson.

  • Stock symbol: BDX
  • Increased dividend annually since 1972
  • Dividend Aristocrat
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is in early March.

Becton Dickinson is a global medical technology company.

The company develops, manufactures, and sells various healthcare products, including medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment, and diagnostic products.

Significant customers include hospitals, doctors, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and the general public.

11. Cummins

list of stocks paying dividends in MarchPin

Cummins is a solid industrial company that is great for diversifying a dividend portfolio.

  • Stock symbol: CMI
  • Increased dividend annually since 2006
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is in late February.

Cummins operates in the heavy equipment and automotive industry. They design, manufacture, sell, and service:

  • Diesel and alternative fuel engines
  • Diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets
  • Related components and technology

Customers are serviced through a network of

  • Company-owned and independent distributor facilities
  • Thousands of independent dealer locations

The company operates in about 200 countries and territories with thousands of employees worldwide.

12. Walgreens

Finally, I have the retail pharmacy operator, Walgreens, for your consideration.

  • Stock symbol: WBA
  • Increased dividend annually since 2006
  • Dividend Achiever
  • The ex-dividend date for the March dividend is in mid-February.

Walgreens became the first global pharmacy company after it acquired Alliance Boots. The company aims to help people worldwide lead healthier and happier lives by providing products and services at its retail outlets.

Okay. That concludes a review of my favorite stocks that pay dividends in March.

However, I have much more for you to think about before you go. So, please stick with me for another few minutes.

Investing For March Dividends: Additional Tips And Resources

Before investing in any of these stocks, please consider these important points.

Why Have A List Of Stocks That Pay Dividends In March?

Consider this list of dividend stocks as a strategic resource for building a well-rounded dividend portfolio.

For instance, a consistent monthly dividend income is key, whether for covering bills in retirement or earning a dependable passive income for financial freedom.

Thus, the objectives are to have quality dividend stocks and ensure your dividend payments are dispersed evenly throughout the year.

Stocks That Pay Dividends In March, June, September, and December

how often do companies pay dividendsPin

Today’s stocks pay dividends in March, June, September, and December.

Thus, with one exception, each featured stock follows a quarterly dividend distribution cycle throughout the year, aligning with the popular U.S. practice.

Notably, Realty Income stands out as the exception with its monthly dividend schedule.

March Dividend Growth Stocks That Increase Their Dividends Annually

Today’s March dividend payers feature dividend growth stocks, including:

Dividend Kings: 50-years of annual dividend increases

Dividend Aristocrats: 25-year track record of higher dividends

Dividend Achievers: Boast a decade of consecutive annual payout growth

Investing in these stocks, with little effort, discover the benefits of a growing passive dividend income stream.

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Do Your Research Before Investing For March Dividends

March dividendsPin

Choose stocks for March dividends based on quality, not just the timing of dividend payments.

Thus, conduct thorough research and prioritize the best dividend-paying stocks. Investing carries risks, so be vigilant with your money, making wise decisions to safeguard against potential losses.

For example, here are some things I carefully consider before investing:

  • Dividend yield
  • Dividend payout ratio
  • The historical dividend growth rate
  • Status as a Dividend King, Aristocrat, or Achiever
  • Earnings and cash flow trends
  • Recent and projected business performance

Here are three resources to improve your stock research and become a better dividend investor to assist you in your efforts.

First, I recommend the Financial Freedom Dividend Investing Course for beginning investors and anyone wanting to take their investing knowledge to another level.

Next, get stock recommendations and monitor your dividend portfolio using the Simply Investing Report and Analysis Platform. This top-notch investment resource will help you save time, earn more, and reduce risk by investing in attractive dividend stocks.

Finally, our dividend investing article archives include over 100 posts about dividend investing.

Timing Up Your Dividends For March: Remember The Ex-Dividend Date

You must invest before a stock’s quarterly ex-dividend date to earn March dividends. Typically, but not always, a stock’s ex-dividend date falls the month before its March payout.

However, the timing of each company’s ex-dividend date varies. Also, the date can change with every dividend declared because the company’s board must approve each.

As a result, check online for your target stock’s ex-dividend date before investing.

Wrapping Up: More Reading About Stocks That Pay Dividends In March And Beyond

Before you go, check out some additional articles from my dividend archives.

Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

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