18 Pros and Cons of Living In Bonita Springs, FL Right Now

Is Bonita Springs A Nice Place To Live?

If you are thinking about moving to Southwest Florida. Then you should understand the pros and cons of living in Bonita Springs. So, here’s our list for your consideration.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Bonita Springs, Florida

  • Centrally located between Fort Myers and Naples
  • Easy access to RSW Airport
  • More traditional neighborhoods
  • Not overly commercialized
  • Great winter weather
  • Access to beautiful beaches
  • Good educational options
  • No state income taxes
  • Convenient access to Miami
  • Isolated in a corner of the United States
  • Intense summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Higher cost of living
  • Too many snowbirds and tourists
  • Bad traffic congestion
  • Lots of older residents
  • A limited job market
  • Plenty of pesky bugs and critters

Next, we will discuss each of these one at a time. Then, when done, you can answer this question for yourself: should I move to Bonita Springs?

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Otherwise, stick with me here. Let’s get moving on today’s topic. Starting with the pros of living in Bonita Springs…

Centrally Located Between Fort Myers and Naples

Bonita Springs is a smaller community. Both in terms of size and population.

On the other hand, it is conveniently located between the larger city of Naples to the south. And Fort Myers to the north.

This provides easy access to shopping, dining, and health care.

Easy Access To RSW Airport

A 10 to 15-minute drive from anywhere in Bonita Springs will have you at Southwest Florida Regional Airport.

It’s a convenient, low-hassle regional hub. Great for when you want to get out of town. Or, for when family comes to visit.

More Traditional Neighborhoods

You will find more typical neighborhoods in Bonita Springs.

As compared to choosing to move to Fort Myers or Naples. Where gated communities governed by Home Owners Associations are more prevalent.

Not Overly Commercialized

Most businesses in Bonita Springs are independent and locally owned. Thus you will find fewer chain stores and franchised restaurants. Versus other parts of Southwest Florida.

As a result, the city has a more quaint, small-town, and less commercialized feel to it.

Okay. We are just getting warmed up.

So, the pros and cons of moving to Bonita Springs continue…

Great Winter Weather

The weather during winter is a big highlight of the Bonita Springs lifestyle. Because temperatures rise into the 70s and 80s. Accompanied by plenty of sunshine.

There is no snow to shovel. Or, icy sidewalks to navigate. Furthermore, you won’t have any need for winter clothing.

Access To Beautiful Beaches

The beaches are incredible in this area. And it’s no different here. One of the biggest reasons Bonita Springs is another of the good places to live in Florida.

Barefoot Beach specifically, is highly rated. It is one of the last undeveloped barrier islands. Making the plentiful wildlife feel right at home.

Then, when you need a break from the beach, be sure to check out some of the other attractions. Such as the Bonita Blues Festival. And the Bonita Springs National Arts Festival.

Good Educational Options

For families with school-age children. The city and area have plenty to offer.

First, Bonita Springs is located in Lee County. And the county’s school district has a good reputation.

Furthermore, Bonita Springs High School was built just a few years ago. It is housed in state-of-the-art facilities. On a nicely laid out campus.

Finally, keep the kids close to home for college. Since Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is located near Estero. Just across the border from Fort Myers.

Next, I love states without income taxes. So, this might be the best thing about living in Bonita Springs…

No State Income Taxes

When moving to Florida, including Bonita Springs. It means no state income taxes.

Since Florida is one of only a handful of states. That doesn’t charge residents a state income tax.

Depending on how much money you make. And what state you are moving from. The savings can be substantial.

However, moving is a big deal. And if you aren’t careful it can blow your budget.

So, get a handle on your spending, budget, and investments with the free online tool from Personal Capital.

Manage your money wisely before, during, and after your move. You will be glad you did.

Convenient Access To Miami

If and when you have the desire to spend time in a larger city. This part of Florida’s Gulf Coast is just a 90-minute drive away on Interstate 75 from the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area.

Whether it’s the big city amenities you are looking for. A larger international airport to travel in and out of. Or, experiencing the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Be sure to realize, you aren’t far from the amazing city of Miami. After moving to Bonita Springs.

Okay. That concludes our review of the advantages of living in Bonita.

Next, it’s time to cover the cons of living in Bonita Springs…

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Isolated In A Corner Of The United States

Bonita is located in a far-reaching corner of the United States.

First, Florida is a large and long state from North to South. And locating in its southern region means a 6-7 hour drive to the next closest state of Georgia.

Even the theme parks located in and around Orlando are a long drive away. If that’s important for you, your family, or those who plan to visit.

Furthermore, if family, friends, or business will take you frequently to the West Coast. Door-to-door air travel time is going to run you 8 hours or more. Depending on exactly where your travels will take you.

Intense Summer Heat And Humidity

Bonita Springs has a warm, humid subtropical climate. Making summers hot and uncomfortable. With temperatures routinely reaching into the 90s.

Heavy afternoon rains are a frequent occurrence. Making it feel like you are living in a sauna on many afternoons.

Risk Of Hurricanes And Tropical Storms

Fortunately, Bonita Springs and the immediate area have been fortunate to avoid direct hits from hurricanes.

Nevertheless, heavy rains, wind, and hurricane-like conditions can occur each year. Forcing you to take precautions. And sometimes forcing evacuation from the area.

If the heat, humidity, and storm risk has you down. But still have your heart set on Florida.

Then you should consider moving to Jacksonville. Since the summers are a bit more comfortable. And it’s an area in Florida that has generally been spared from the direct hits of major storms.

Higher Cost Of Living

One’s view about the cost of living is always relative. Depending on where you are coming from. And the different places you are considering moving to.

So first, look at the state’s nearby cities and towns as you consider Southwest Florida…

Bonita Springs and Estero offer sort of a middle ground. With a more affordable cost of living versus their neighbors to the north.

Specifically, the more recently developed Cape Coral. That is a planned community with many different housing options.

Or, the historic city of Fort Myers. Both, on average, are a little cheaper places to live.

While heading south from Bonita Springs to Naples and Marco Island will generally cost you more. Much of the difference has to do with higher median real estate prices.

Then, looking at the bigger picture standpoint. The cost of living in Bonita Springs is about on par with the national average in the United States.

Also, remember that even the little costs add up. That’s why we use the cash rebate app from Rakuten. For earning cash savings on all of our online purchases.

Too Many Snowbirds And Tourists

Unfortunately, popularity has a price. Specifically, all the visitors and part-time residents that descend on the area during the winter months.

They make the best places to go and see more crowded. And a little less desirable.

Bad Traffic Congestion

Furthermore, the influx of people during the winter creates plenty of overcrowding on the roads. Made worse by the limited public transportation and the need for everyone to have a car.

So, plan on spending more time behind the wheel than you may prefer. At least during the winter months.

Lots Of Older Residents

If you are young, single, and want access to plenty of nightlife options, Bonita Springs may not be for you.

Since the town has attracted many retirees and older residents. Plus, as you know by now, it’s more quaint and not heavily commercialized.

On the other hand, for a youthful vibe and more nightlife options. Then consider moving to Estero.

Since it is closer to FGCU. And has a college feel about the area nearby.

A Limited Job Market

As I mentioned earlier, Bonita Springs is a quaint town. With mainly locally owned and independent businesses.

Thus, it doesn’t leave a lot of room to “climb the corporate ladder” around here. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a remote work arrangement with a large business located elsewhere.

So, if you are looking for work. You can certainly find a job.

But understand, most of the opportunities will be in lower-paying service-oriented positions. Especially those in retail, travel, and hospitality.

Plenty Of Pesky Bugs And Critters

Finally, we humans aren’t the only ones that are considering living in Bonita Springs pros and cons. Not at all.

Because the warm, pleasant weather brings with it plenty of mosquitos, biting insects, and the occasional alligator citing.

Nothing life-threatening here. Certainly not one of the worst things about living in Bonita Springs.

Just something to get used to. If you are coming from another part of the country without this issue.

Okay. That’s a wrap on the good and bad about Bonita living.

Allow me to conclude with a few parting comments…

Pros And Cons Of Living In Bonita Springs, FL

Southwest Florida is a great place to live for lots of different reasons. More specifically, Bonita Springs living is a good choice for those considering relocating to the area.

To summarize, here are the living in Bonita Springs pros and cons we covered today:

  • Centrally located between Fort Myers and Naples
  • Easy access to RSW Airport
  • More traditional neighborhoods
  • Not overly commercialized
  • Great winter weather
  • Access to beautiful beaches
  • Good educational options
  • No state income taxes
  • Convenient access to Miami
  • Isolated in a corner of the United States
  • Intense summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Higher cost of living
  • Too many snowbirds and tourists
  • Bad traffic congestion
  • Lots of older residents
  • A limited job market
  • Plenty of pesky bugs and critters

Hopefully, this discussion has helped you with some important questions. Such as…

1) Should I move to Bonita Springs?


2) Is Bonita Springs a good place to live?

Best of luck with your decision. No matter where you choose to settle down.

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The Pros and Cons Of Living In Bonita Springs, Florida Explained