10 Pros and Cons of Living in Mississippi Right Now

Things To Know Before Moving To Mississippi

Let’s review the pros and cons of living in Mississippi today. And discover what “The Magnolia State” has to offer.

Whether you are focused on the cost of living in Mississippi. Or, other interesting things about the state. You have come to the right place.

And with the facts at your disposal. You can answer this important question. Is Mississippi a good place to live?

So, no further delays. Because the living in Mississippi pros and cons await us…

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10 Pros And Cons Of Living In Mississippi

Here are 5 benefits of living in Mississippi. Plus 5 reasons not to live in Mississippi.

  • Low cost of living
  • Low cost of higher education
  • Plenty of comfort food
  • Pleasant southern hospitality
  • Mild winters
  • Extreme weather
  • Low-quality education
  • Lackluster economy
  • Poor quality of health care
  • Lack of diversity and acceptance of change

The above-listed living in Mississippi pros and cons serve as an outline for the rest of the article. But let’s hit the big question of the day right now…

Is Mississippi A Good Place To Live?

As with any choice about where to live. It’s all about what you are looking for…

First of all, are you on the search for one of the most affordable states to live in? That includes not only the cost of housing. But also the cost of higher education and child care.

Furthermore, do you love good food, southern charm, and mild winters? Then living in Mississippi is something you should consider.

But, be aware that the state of Mississippi has some drawbacks too. Since economic growth is limited. Resulting in a less than robust economy. And higher unemployment.

So, government funds to improve public services are lacking.  Especially when it comes to better education. And higher-quality health care.

Finally, watch out for some of the extreme weather. Because Mississippi can give residents all they can handle.

With those key points in mind. Let’s get on with the 10 living in Mississippi pros and cons. Starting with the best things about living in Mississippi…

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1. Low Average Cost Of Living In Mississippi

What is the first of many good reasons to move to Mississippi? It is the low-cost living this state offers.

Because with the Mississippi cost of living, you can’t do much better. At least when compared to other states.

For example, you won’t confuse Mississippi with California, a high cost of living state. Since Mississippi stands out when looking at most people’s largest budget category. Specifically, the state’s low cost of housing.

As a result, the cost of a home is darn cheap. Coming in at more than 40% below the median-priced home in the United States.

Food, personal necessities, and transportation costs are affordable too. Because all are below national averages.

And, do you need child care? Because Mississippi is also one of the cheapest states in the country for daycare services and nannies.

So, when all the dollars and cents shake out. Mississippi often ranks as the cheapest state in which to live.

And competes with its neighboring state to the Northwest, Arkansas.  For the top honors of the cheapest states to live in.

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But wait, there’s much more.  The cost savings do not stop with your essential expenses when living in Mississippi…

2. Low Cost Of Higher Education In Mississippi

Another expense area where Mississippi shines? The cost of a college degree is low here.

Whether you are a parent with college-age children. Or, an aspiring student looking for the best deal.

College is an expensive investment. But on average, higher education expenses help make Mississippi one of the lowest cost states. As compared to other states in the nation.

Because annual tuition at good colleges and universities can still be had for less. Specifically, less than $10,000 for a full year of classes.

Then couple it with the low cost of living here. And you have a winner for the most affordable college education.

Good schools like Mississippi State University fall into this category. Both my brother-in-law and my niece got degrees there.

On the other hand, higher education is still expensive. No question about it.

But you get a relative bargain when compared to other states. Ranking Mississippi’s cost of higher education in the top 5-7 lowest of all states in the country.

Just compare Mississippi tuition rates to states in the Northeastern part of the country. You will find costs that are 3-4 times higher.

Now, that’s expensive education. And, unless you are independently wealthy. A college degree from a school in the Northeast will certainly increase a student’s debt load.

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Did I just mention food? Let’s talk about it…

3. Plenty Of Comfort Food When Living In Mississippi

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Need to go on a diet and lose a few pounds? Then you probably shouldn’t move to the deep south, Mississippi specifically.

Because you will find some very satisfying foods the state has made popular. As long as you are not worried about a few extra calories.

So, good food is one of the reasons to live in Mississippi.

For example, barbeque is a good choice. Borrowing from styles made famous by its neighboring state, Tennessee. In addition, to Missouri.

And, you certainly can’t go wrong with the fried chicken. Served up with biscuits and collard greens. It makes for a soulful dish on a lazy warm summer Sunday afternoon.

Plus, don’t forget that Mississippi state is located on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Making seafood options like gulf shrimp and oysters local specialties.

Deep fry those tasty sea critters. Then top them off on a po’boy sandwich.

Catfish is a local specialty too. And they are plentiful in the Mississippi River.

But most catfish are farm-raised in Mississippi. Making the state one of the largest catfish producers in the U.S.

Okay. I could go on and on here about the food in Mississippi. But let’s leave it at that. Because I’m getting very hungry.

Furthermore, we have more work to do. Because it’s time to review some more good things about Mississippi…

4. Pleasant Southern Hospitality In Mississippi

There is no question that residents of Mississippi identify themselves with the South.  And with this southern state comes hospitality. It’s one of my favorite things to know about Mississippi.

What is southern hospitality? Well, Mississippians bring a mix of politeness, kindness, good home cooking, and charm. Just to name of few of the qualities.

So, the state has nice, friendly people. Then throw in limited impacts from urbanization.

Also, a culture that embraces a slower-paced way of life. And you have a pleasant environment in which to live.

So, if you are ready to escape. The less friendly big city environments of the North. Then Mississippi may be the place for you.

After all, Mississippi is sometimes called “The Hospitality State“.

5. Mild Winters When Living In Mississippi

You won’t find extreme winter weather. At least not when living in Mississippi.

January is the coldest month of the year in the state. But even toward the Northern border, temperatures range from 30-50 degrees most of the month.

Locate closer to the Gulf near Florida’s panhandle. And average winter temperatures are even higher.

Usually at least 60 degrees. And often much higher.

The area doesn’t qualify as a state offering 4-season living in my opinion. Because the chance of seeing snowfall is pretty remote. Especially in the southern half of the state.

So, if you want to escape the winter weather. Then living in Mississippi may be right for you.

Okay. That concludes 5 great things about Mississippi. Next, let’s discuss a 5 reasons not to live in Mississippi.

Most noteworthy, I’m not done with the weather…

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6. Extreme Weather When Living In Mississippi

Severe or extreme weather is another one of the facts about Mississippi. Because it can hit residents in 3 different ways after a move to the state.

The weather risks are similar to living in the state of Alabama. A border state to the east.

First of all, there is the summer heat and humidity. This is the most predictable of weather patterns happening annually in the state. Because it’s always hot during the summer in Mississippi.

First of all, June through August routinely bring on high temperatures of 90 degrees. Furthermore, peaks of 100+ degrees are not uncommon.

Finally, toss in high humidity. And you have another state with oppressive summer heat.

Then we have tornadoes. Although Mississippi does not fall into what is known as tornado alley. It still resides in a high-risk area of the United States

Registering on average more than 40 tornadoes per year.  This puts the state in the top 10 for most twisters annually.

Although, it’s nothing like the top state of Texas. They record about 140 tornadoes per year.

Finally, don’t forget about hurricanes. Like I said before, Mississippi is bordered to the South by the Gulf of Mexico.

So, hurricanes and tropical cyclones are possible here. Making extreme weather 1 of the 10 pros and cons of Mississippi.

7. Low-Quality Education In Mississippi

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So far we know that Mississippi offers some of the most affordable higher education opportunities. On the other hand, this state’s educational system is lacking. As it relates to grades K-12.

Because Mississippi’s education system is routinely ranked at the bottom in the United States. This is partly due to low state funding for the educational system.

And reflected in one of the lowest rates for attaining a high school diploma. Also, one of the poorest average ACT scores in the country. For those interested in taking that test and moving onto higher education.

So, if you have kids. And are considering a move to Mississippi. This here is one thing that may offset the low costs.

Specifically, you may want to budget for private school tuition. Or, consider very carefully where you move. To be in the highest-quality public school districts that Mississippi has to offer.

Speaking of budgeting for you’re a potential move to Mississippi. Give the Personal Capital finance app a try.

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And you will want to make the most of your money in Mississippi. Because…

8. Mississippi Has A Lackluster Economy

Perhaps the poor quality of primary and secondary education filters into Mississippi’s economy. Since the state’s unemployment rate typically runs higher than the national average.

Also, the state ranks low for business-friendly policies and pro-growth initiatives. Falling shy of another state in the region, Oklahoma.

While agriculture and forestry are top industries within the state. The economy has not participated in high-growth areas like technology and health care.

Finally, wages lag in the state of Mississippi too. Ranked near the bottom of all states based on median and average earnings.  So, the challenge of making a good living is one of the bad things about Mississippi.

Then throw in this fact. That Mississippi has a high percentage of its population living below the poverty line.

And you can start to get a picture of Mississippi’s sub-par economy. That leads to a lack of economic prosperity.

9. Poor Quality Of Health Care

As compared to a state with quality health care options. Research studies show that Mississippi’s health care system is lagging. In several important aspects about this important service.

Because the state ranks poorly when it comes to the cost, accessibility, and results of health care treatments.

So, health care services are one of the reasons not to live in Mississippi.

10. Limited Diversity & Acceptance Of Change

Mississippi living means a lack of diversity. And resistance to change.

So, in some ways Mississippi’s slow pace of life. And southern charm may be working against it.

According to recent census data, Mississippi is one of a handful of states with negative population growth.

And without the infusion of new people. Plus the new ideas that those residents bring. Mississippi is far from the cutting edge of change and diversity.

That’s all I have for today about living in Mississippi pros and cons. Making it time to wrap up with a summary…

Pros And Cons Of Living In Mississippi: Wrap Up

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Here is a summary of the living in Mississippi pros and cons we covered today.

Good Things About Living In Mississippi

The advantages of living in Mississippi include:

  • Low cost of living
  • Low cost of higher education
  • Plenty of comfort food
  • Pleasant southern hospitality
  • Mild winters

Disadvantages Of Living In Mississippi

While the drawbacks to Mississippi living involve:

  • Extreme weather
  • Low-quality education
  • Lackluster economy
  • Poor quality of health care
  • Lack of diversity and acceptance of change

There you have it. Some of the top pros and cons you should consider before your move to “The Magnolia State”.

If the question, should I move to Mississippi has been on your mind. Hopefully, these facts about Mississippi will help you sort it all out.

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