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An Assessment Of The Utility Forecaster Investment Newsletter

Today, I’m posting a Utility Forecaster Review.

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I’ve been a long time reader of the Utility Forecaster newsletter.  And, I often reference it in my dividend stock reviews.

So, I thought it time to review what the Utility Forecaster newsletter has to offer.  Let’s get started.

Disclosure: At no cost to you, I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Utility Forecaster Review Outline

Key questions my Utility Forecaster review will answer for you:

  • What is Utility Forecaster?
  • Why I’m qualified to review it?
  • Who is the publisher?
  • Who is the editor?
  • What does a subscription include?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are my favorite aspects of Utility Forecaster?

Overall, I find Utility Forecaster a solid resource for making dividends from dividend stocks. By working through this outline, I can highlight the details of why I think so.

I also want to reference 3 other resources I use to evaluate my dividend stocks. You may find them useful too. It’s always good to have the right tools in your investing tool kit.

#1 – Webull stock trading app. First of all, I trade stocks for free using Webull. And for a limited time get free stock when you sign up.

Most importantly, for our purposes today, the Webull app is packed with powerful stock analysis tools.

#2 – The Simply Investing Report. Simply Investing is an excellent resource for high-quality dividend stock analysis and recommendations. If you are looking for a more diversified investment newsletter, the Simply Investing Report may be your answer.

Feel free to check out my review of the Simply Investing Report.

#3 – Morningstar. The professional stock analysis from Morningstar is hard to beat. I haven’t written a review of Morningstar. But you can get a 14 day free Morningstar trial by using this link and see for yourself.

Now, let’s now jump into our Utility Forecaster review.

What Is Utility Forecaster?

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Utility Forecaster is an income investing newsletter.  It has been published since 1989.

The newsletter mainly covers stocks. But, bonds are also included.

It focuses on companies that produce and deliver electricity, natural gas, and oil. Thus, utility shares are a key focal point.

So, think about companies that provide essential services that power the world. And, pay dividends.  That is the newsletters niche.

What Sectors & Stocks Does Utility Forecaster Cover?

Here is a list of the utility sectors covered. Each sector includes an example company.

  • Cable & satellite – Comcast
  • Coal – Peabody Energy
  • Electric utilities – Southern Company
  • Gas utilities – Spire, Inc.
  • Multi-product utilities – Dominion
  • Power producers & energy traders – AES Corporation
  • Integrated oil and gas – Exxon Mobile
  • Telecommunications – AT&T
  • Oil and gas refiners – Enbridge
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts – Realty Income
  • Renewable Electricity – NextEra
  • Water Utilities – York Water Company

In total, there are more than 200 companies covered. Across the 12 sectors. Because of the business sectors the publication focuses on, you will generally find higher dividend yield and lower dividend growth represented in the stocks it covers.

Why I’m Reviewing The Utility Forecaster Newsletter

I subscribe to Utility Forecaster.  And I refer to it frequently.  So, I thought a Utility Forecaster review article would benefit other income investors.

How Did I Learn About Utility Forecaster?

I first learned of Utility Forecaster from my Dad.  He has been a long-time subscriber. Almost since the newsletter’s inception in 1989.

My Dad has always had an interest in essential service companies that pay dividends.  He used to say that “no one will let the power go out.”  He was saying that these companies are stable investments for the long term.

So, I would see the latest editions at my parent’s house.  This was about the same time I became interested in investing too.

So, what did I do? I subscribed.

Enough about me, let’s get back to the Utility Forecaster review.

Investing Daily Is The Publisher

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Investing Daily publishes Utility Forecaster. Their goal is to provide in-depth investment advice.

Investing Daily aims to help people achieve a secure financial future.  And, they do this through several other investment newsletters too. The other investment newsletters include:

  • Personal Finance
  • The Complete Investor
  • Velocity Trader
  • Options For Income
  • Radical Wealth Alliance
  • Real World Investing
  • Wealth Society

Robert Rapier Is The Chief Investment Strategist

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Mr. Rapier is a chemical engineer. He works in the energy industry.   And has over 20 years of engineering experience. His experience includes the chemicals, oil, gas, and renewable energy industries.

He wrote the book “Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil”.  And, he has appeared on:

  • 60 Minutes
  • The History Channel
  • CNBC
  • Business News Network
  • PBS

His articles have appeared in many media outlets. Those outlets include the:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Economist

Source:  LinkedIn

Past Editors

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Roger Conrad edited Utility Forecaster from 1989 through mid-2013. He now runs another investment newsletter.

Since Mr. Conrad’s departure, there have been 3 other editors.  Mr. Rapier is the last of those 3. He started in August of 2018.

I thought Roger Conrad was very good.  I miss his investment research.  But change has benefits too. I think it’s good to get investment research from a select few different sources.

Okay. We have covered the basics. So, let’s dig into the details of our Utility Forecaster review.

What Do You Get With A Utility Forecaster Subscription?

3 main things are included with a subscription.

Monthly Newsletter

First of all, there is a monthly investment newsletter.  It is published on the first day of each month.  In other words, 12 issues per year.

You can receive the newsletter through the postal service.  But, it is available immediately on the subscriber website.   I will have more on the website in a moment.

Periodic Email Updates Regarding Portfolio Holdings

At least once per week, Mr. Rapier sends out email alerts.  They may be on updated information on Utility Forecaster recommendations.  Or, relevant news about a dividend stock, the stock market, or the investing environment.

Access To A Private Website

The private website brings all of the resources together in one place.  It includes:

  • Newsletter archives
  • History of email updates
  • Special reports
  • Portfolios from the newsletter

How Much Does Utility Forecaster Cost?

The cost is $149 per year.  Sometimes it is offered for less than that.  I believe there is also a multi-year discount.

Within 90 days from subscribing, you are entitled to a 100% refund.  After 90 days, you receive a refund for all unpublished issues left on your subscription.

What Is Included In Each Monthly Utility Forecaster Newsletter

This is where we get into the details of the Utility Forecaster review.

Why is that?  Because I think the monthly newsletter has the most value.  It is the core part of a subscription.

The email alerts and website provide good resources and convenience.  But, the newsletter is where the Utility Forecaster recommendations and analysis are provided.

Here is what is included in each Utility Forecaster Newsletter.

Recent Market And Utility Sector Events

First of all, there is a brief opening article by Mr. Rapier.  It covers market events since the last issue.  And, it relates to the content in the rest of the newsletter.

Feature Article

Then Mr. Rapier serves up the month’s feature article.  Topics about dividends vary but can include:

  • A deep dive stock sector review
  • The fundamentals of income-based and dividend investment options
  • How to use an options strategy to increase income
  • Investment trends within essential services sectors
  • Fixed income investments as an alternative to stocks
  • Suggestion on high yield dividend ETFs and funds

All of the feature articles stay within the core topic of the newsletter. Investing for income in essential services companies.

Portfolio Recommendations & Updates

Now, I mentioned earlier that more than 200 companies are covered.  But, the newsletter boils them down to 2 recommended dividend portfolios.

Each portfolio has about 20 stock or bond recommendations. These portfolios form the basis for buying or selling stocks in your account.

First, is the income portfolio.  The goal of the Income Portfolio is

A couple of the holdings in this portfolio include:

  • American Electric Power (AEP)
  • WEC Energy Group

Second, is the growth portfolio.  The goal of the Growth Portfolio is to consistently generate growth in share prices and produce income.

Examples from this portfolio include:

  • Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK)
  • Verizon, from the telecom sector

Other Portfolio Features

There are 2 features included with the portfolios that I like.

First, the top 5 picks.  These Utility Forecaster recommendations are the best buys for an investor starting their portfolio.

And second, stock price advice.  Each stock or bond has a recommended price target.  An investor should buy only at or below these stock value guidelines.

Recommended Stock Feature

Next is a detailed review of one of the portfolio holdings.

The featured stock review goes beyond financial metrics.  It explains the investment merits of the company.  Specifically, the company’s prospects, challenges, and risks.

Utility Beat

The Utility Beat section is a “catch-all” article.  It generally covers macro sector news.  Company-specific news. Or, responses to questions from readers.

How They Rate

The final section is called “How They Rate”.  This section lists all 200+ stocks.

It includes key dividend and financial metrics.  And buy, sell or hold advice on each stock.

If the stock is a buy, the maximum purchase price is recommended.

Dividend Safety Ratings

For each stock in “How They Rate”, there is another excellent feature.

What is that?  It is the dividend safety ratings.  The dividend safety scores are based on 8 financial, operational, and performance criteria.

A score of 8 means the safest of dividends.  A score of 0 indicates the highest degree of risk for dividend safety.

Dividend safety is extremely important. It is a critical factor when trying to collect a consistent amount of dividends every month.

Utility Forecaster Track Record

Utility Forecaster does not publish its long term investment track record.  It does provide a performance update each quarter.  This includes the returns of each stock in the portfolios.

On the surface, the lack of long-term reporting may seem like an issue.  It may appear to some that the publication is trying to hide something.

From my perspective, it has never been a concern.  Why?  I have never tried to duplicate the recommended portfolios in my accounts.

I doubt any subscriber would do so.  The portfolios are too concentrated in just a few stocks and industries.

I think most readers are like my Dad and me.  We choose some of the Utility Forecaster recommendations. And add them to our diversified portfolios.  Our dividend stock investments include companies from other industries and sectors.

Recognition & Awards

The newsletter has been recognized publicly for its investment research.  Here are a few examples:

2011:  #1 Investment newsletter by The Hulbert Financial Digest

2013 – 2016:  Best risk-adjusted return over the past 10 years by The Hulbert Financial Digest

2017:  2 SIPAwards for Best Investment Analysis

Is Utility Forecaster A Scam?

Some of the newsletter’s sales material is overhyped. It could lead someone to think Utility Forecaster is a scam.

I have been a long-time subscriber.  And, I have benefited from many of Utility Forecaster’s recommendations.  In my opinion, the newsletter is not a scam.

Editors note: The videos shown above and in the margin depict the virtues of dividend stocks for:

  • Current income
  • Income growth
  • Share appreciation
  • Stability and reduced volatility
  • Wealth building capabilities

Also, the building blocks of the Dividends Diversify wealth pyramid:

  • Money management
  • Investing
  • Dividend stocks
  • Wealth building and you

Finally, allow me to wrap up with some concluding thoughts…

Utility Forecaster Review – Wrap Up & Conclusions

I think Utility Forecaster is a newsletter full of good dividend stock investments and investment advice about them. It is well organized. I find it well written. And, I believe it’s an excellent reference tool.

But be aware that it is sector-specific.  Its suggested portfolios may not provide adequate diversification.

And, Utility Forecaster does not publish its long-term track record.

On the other hand, investing in essential service companies can be a productive part of an investment strategy.

Here are a few of the features that I like the most.

  • In-depth coverage of the utilities, oil, gas, and telecommunications sectors
  • Dividend safety scores for each company covered
  • Investment advice for income investors
  • Buy target prices, or sell, hold advice for more than 200 companies
  • Portfolio and individual stock recommendations

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Author Bio: Tom Scott founded the consulting and coaching firm Dividends Diversify, LLC. He leverages his expertise and decades of experience in goal setting, relocation assistance, and investing for long-term wealth to help clients reach their full potential.

Thanks For Reading My Views About Utility Forecaster

12 thoughts on “Utility Forecaster Review”

  1. Hi Tom,

    The dividend safety rating sounds like a great feature. I like utilities, though oil and gas extraction companies are not as attractive to me. I think the world is slowly moving away from fossil fuels, and am waiting to see how these companies pivot.


    • You make a good point, Miguel. Oil stocks have been an especially tough way to make money over the past 6 years. Tom

  2. Cool, sounds like a great subscription. Do you share your subscription with your dad, then? Your dad sounds like a really wise father! I love utility stocks- as you know one of my favourites in Canada is Fortis.

    • Hi GYM. Utility stocks are an excellent component within a dividend stock portfolio and Fortis is a good one! I’ve had my own subscription for some time now. Tom

  3. I just joined Utility Forecaster, expecting to receive printed copies of the special reports. Instead, I received links. In trying to access three of them, Norton reported them as DANGEROUS and not to proceed.

    “This is a known dangerous web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.”

    Going into the “click here” link to get my “trade recommendations” I also get the same DANGEROUS warning.

    Going into the “detailed instructions” I encountered the exact same warning!

    What gives? Is this site a scam? This is ridiculous.

    • Hi Edward. Sorry about your difficulties. Especially with a new subscription, that’s frustrating. I can’t say I have had any similar issues. But, as a long time subscriber, I have not accessed the links you are trying. I just use the monthly newsletter for the most part. I have had some success with their customer service number when I have had a question or problem in the past. Hopefully, you can get beyond this. I do find the monthly newsletter quite helpful. Tom

      • Utility Forecaster figured out that it was a fluke with Norton’s anti-virus, giving false warnings. With UF’s reply, I was then confident to push through the Norton warnings and access the various links. All worked well and the information is what I was hoping to receive. So far, I am happy with the publication.

        • Edward, Thank you for returning and providing positive feedback. Hopefully, other readers can benefit from your experience. Good luck with your investments. Utility stocks are some of my favorites! Tom

  4. Hi Tom:
    I read in the ad for Utility Forcaster that these investments were earning 60-70% and more. Is that true? And would that be 60-70% annually? If not, over what period of time?
    I am retired and could use a good dependable source of income. About how much of a return could I expect to get on a $100,000 investment?

    • Hi Larry.
      As I mentioned in the article, I think some of UF’s marketing material is overhyped. I can’t verify it or dispute it one way or the other. And, I’m not aware of any long-term legitimate performance track records that are published. That said, I have read UF for many years. In years when utility stocks were in favor, returns were very good (But unlikely they were as high as 60-70%). Like in the years coming out of the great recession. Just my personal opinion here…be realistic. It’s a good resource and I still use it to this day. From its recommendations, you can easily build a steady stock portfolio that can provide income in the 4-5% range (and that income should grow 3-4% annually with dividend increases). Plus annual share price appreciation of 4-5%. This would provide a total return of 8-10% annually on average in lower risk essential service companies and provide income that’s hard to find with interest rates so low again. Returns are also dependent on the specific stocks you select from the newsletter’s recommendations. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading! Tom

  5. Never received my subscription and has been 60 days. No customer service number available to complain and/or cancel. Will have to go to my bank and have the money returned.

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