10 Pros and Cons of Living in New Hampshire Right Now

In Case You Have Been Thinking Of Moving To New Hampshire

Let’s shift our focus to the Northeast and discuss the pros and cons of living in New Hampshire.

Because you may be surprised. At what such a small state has to offer.

Whether you are considering moving to New Hampshire. To get away from big-city hassles.

Or, examining retirement living in New Hampshire. For your next phase in life.

Whatever the case. Let’s not delay.

Because we are diving into living in New Hampshire pros and cons today…

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The Pros And Cons Of Living In New Hampshire

Relocating to New Hampshire means you can expect to encounter these pros and cons:

  • Natural beauty in a tranquil setting
  • Low crime rates
  • Good economic and educational opportunities
  • No sales tax
  • No state income tax on salaries and wages
  • High property taxes
  • Harsh and long winters
  • Limited diversity
  • Few urban amenities
  • Heavy traffic from spring to fall

I promise to dive into each of these advantages and disadvantages of living in New Hampshire in just a bit.

But first, let’s hit the big questions you are asking yourself right now.

Why live in New Hampshire? Is it a good place to live? Let’s address…

Is New Hampshire A Good Place To Live?

Yes. I think there is a lot to like about living in New Hampshire.

But, the state may not be for everyone.

Here are some key points about “The Granite State”. For your consideration…

Reasons To Move To New Hampshire

If you like living in a small state with smaller towns.

Having plenty of access to beautiful outdoor settings, jobs, and good schools. All at a reasonable price tag.

Then heck yes. New Hampshire is a good place to live.

Reasons Not To Live In New Hampshire

On the other hand, living in this state means trading off big-city diversity. And the amenities that come with it

Such as ethnic foods, unique shopping experiences, and public transportation.

Of course, you can always travel to nearby Boston. To get your big city fix.

Finally, be aware. Because winters in New Hampshire are very cold and snowy.

So, those are the highlights of New Hampshire living.

Next, let’s dig deep into the details about the New Hampshire pros and cons…

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Natural Beauty In A Tranquil Setting

From my perspective, New Hampshire is a state full of scenic beauty. And peaceful places to live.

Here are a few reasons why I think so…

New Hampshire Has A Beautiful Landscape

Most of the state is forested and pastoral.

Also, there are crystal clear lakes to swim and fish in.

Plus, lush forests to hike and explore. Until your heart is content.

Rugged mountains to climb here. With snowy peaks. To get in some good skiing.

And this is all placed in a super clean environment. Because U.S. News ranks New Hampshire number 2 in the country for its natural environment.

Ranking highly for air and water quality. Also, limited pollution.

And not to be forgotten.  This state has access to the ocean too…

Ocean Access Living In New Hampshire

However, New Hampshire is not a state known for vast miles of ocean coastlines.

Since the New Hampshire shore is limited. Less than 20 miles to put a number on it.

For a state located on the ocean. New Hampshire holds the title of the one with the shortest shoreline.

But what it lacks in size. Is made up for. With a unique and natural beauty. Including the fact, there are several top-rated New England beaches here.

And another one of the cool things about New Hampshire…

Four-Season Living In New Hampshire

Moving to “The Granite State” means living in a state with all four weather seasons.

Because the state experiences cold snowy winters. Followed by a welcome spring thaw. Then warm-humid summers.

With about 40 inches of annual rainfall. Sprinkled in evenly throughout the non-winter months.

But, like all the New England states, New Hampshire shines in the fall.

With a beautiful fall foliage display. From the end of September into October.

And there are more good things about New Hampshire to come…

Small to Mid-Size Town Living In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the essence of small to mid-size town and city living in New England.

First of all, New Hampshire’s population is small. Ranking in the bottom 25% of all states. With about 1.4 million residents.

Manchester is the largest city. With a population of only about 110,000.

Concord, the state capital, has nearly 40,000 residents.

Beyond those two mid-size cities. This state has dozens of small towns to choose from when looking for a place to live. Some of the state’s towns to consider include:

But there is one town that deserves special mention…

Living in Nashua, New Hampshire Is Highly Rated

Nashua is the second-largest city in the state. With a population of roughly 90,000 people.

It is located in the middle of the state. Near the Southern border. Not far from Massachusetts.

What’s so special about Nashua? It has been routinely ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States.

Here is a list of what residents like about living in Nashua, New Hampshire:

  • A charming downtown
  • Great neighbors
  • Friendly small businesses
  • Mine Falls Park
  • Several microbreweries
  • Holiday celebrations
  • The Nashua farmers market
  • Nashua public library programs
  • Nashua parks & recreation activities
  • Proximity to Boston

This brings me to another one of the benefits of living in New Hampshire…

Low Crime Rates

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New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States. Including both property crime and violent crime.

USA Today recently ranked New Hampshire with the 3rd lowest crime rate in the country.

Interestingly, New Hampshire’s border states. Both Maine and the lovely state of Vermont were ranked numbers 1 and 2.

Making this Northeastern tip of the country. One of the safest regions to live in for the low crime.

But, don’t go. I’ve got more pros and cons of living in New Hampshire coming at you.

Good Economic And Educational Opportunities

You might not realize it. Because New Hampshire has a pretty low profile.

But this state has a productive economy. It comes to life, in several ways…

There is A Low Unemployment When Living In New Hampshire

Just about every New Hampshire resident who wants to work. Is working in New Hampshire.

As of this writing, the state had the second-lowest unemployment rate. Of all states in the country.

Curious which state has the lowest?

It is Utah. A state with a young, well-educated population.

Major Employers Are Located In New Hampshire

So, based on the unemployment rate. There are plenty of employers keeping people busy.

And there are some well-known companies operating in this state.

For example, Oracle, Fidelity, UPS, and BAE Systems are some of the big names.

But there are some homegrown employers too. And they are some of the biggest in the state. Based on employee count.

Such as Timberland, the maker of popular outdoor, active gear. Also, Dartmouth College.

And the University of New Hampshire school system. A group of public schools and universities located throughout the state.

And speaking of schools. They are another one of the best things about living in New Hampshire.

Families Living In New Hampshire Have Access to Good Schools

First of all, according to WalletHub. New Hampshire ranks in the top 5 in the nation for K-12 education.

So, a good public school education. Is an affordable option in New Hampshire.

Then there is Philips Exeter Academy.  A very selective private school for grades 9 through 12.

It is one of the oldest schools in the United States. And is considered by some the best private high school in the country.

And for those desiring to attend college here. The state has a prestigious Ivy League school, Dartmouth.

Then there is the University of New Hampshire. A well-regarded public university system.

Next up. Another one of the benefits of living in New Hampshire…

Residents Can Enjoy A Low Cost Of Living In New Hampshire

The cost of living in New Hampshire ranks slightly higher than the national average.

Including home prices. Since the median home value across the entire state is about 19% higher than the rest of the U.S.

It’s not one of the very cheapest states to live in. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Because New Hampshire’s cost of living compares favorably. To some of the nearby metropolitan areas.

For example, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. Where costs are very high.

And if you look at the small-town living options in the state. Where you can experience true New Hampshire life.

You will find that costs are much more reasonable. So be sure to consider the many small towns here for cheaper living.

Such as Suncook, Rochester, Berlin, and Claremont.

It is in these places. Where home prices are well below the state and national averages.

Thus, lowering the average cost of living in New Hampshire.

Proximity To Boston For People Living In New Hampshire

Then if you still can’t find what you are looking for in New Hampshire. Be it work, education, or things you can only find in big cities. Look to Massachusetts.

And realize that Boston is a reasonable driving distance. From anywhere in the southern half of the state.

Being close to Boston. Is one of the perks of living in New Hampshire.

Next, let’s get to some more of the financial advantages of living in New Hampshire…

No Sales Tax

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I think this is one of the cool facts about New Hampshire. You will pay zero sales tax on your purchases there.

Because neither the state. Nor local municipalities levy such a fee.

So the price you see on an item. Is the price you will pay.

In almost all circumstances that I’m aware of. Nothing is added on.

This is a nice benefit versus other states. Because the savings can add up to a lot. On your everyday purchases.

But just think about buying a big-ticket item. Like a car.

For example, in a high sales tax state like Arkansas. That has a sales tax rate of nearly 10%.

Buying a $25,000 car. Will cost you an extra $2,500 in sales tax. Ouch!

And in case you are interested. New Hampshire joins 3 other states that do not impose a sales tax.

The others are the west coast state of Oregon.

Then out to big sky country. That being the state of Montana.

Finaly, a tiny state. That is known as “The Small Wonder”.

It is Delaware on the east coast. Another state with no sales tax.

Save More On Your Purchases

And here are a couple more tips. For saving money on everything you buy.

And the great thing about it? These tools and tips will save you money. No matter where you choose to live.

First, there is the cashback app from Rakuten. Where you earn cash rebates for everything you buy online.

Second, get this. Rakuten will give you 10 bucks cash, just for signing up and making your first online purchase.

Rakuten is great for online purchases.

But, being able to keep more of the money you make. Gets even better in this state.

Because I have another one of the tax advantages of living in New Hampshire for you next…

No State Income Tax On Salaries And Wages

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The state of New Hampshire is one of only 9 in the country. That does not impose an income tax on earned income.

But, I can’t say that this state is the best for tax savings. Here’s why…

Taxes On Investment Income In New Hampshire

When living in New Hampshire. The state taxes investment income.

Thus, it is not an entirely income tax-free state.

So, plan on paying a 5% tax on income from interest and dividends. However, there is a small exemption.

For example, the first $2,400 of investment income is tax-free per individual. Or, $4,800 for those married and filing a joint tax return.

And don’t forget this point about taxes when living in New Hampshire…

Taxes On Income Made In Massachusetts While Living In New Hampshire

Due to its proximity. Many residents of New Hampshire choose to work in Boston.

However, the state of Massachusetts charges an income tax to all earners there. Including New Hampshire residents, who make an income in Massachusetts.

This is one of the bad things about New Hampshire. If you work in Boston.

However, the state offers a tax exemption. For the first several thousand dollars of earnings in Massachusetts.

But realize this. If you have income earned from working in Massachusetts. The state is probably going to take their cut of it.

Depending on your specific tax situation. It will come to about 5%.

So, if you do not want to pay any income taxes. Maybe you should consider working and living in a state like Tennessee.

Managing Your Money In New Hampshire (or anywhere you live)

With all this talk about money, taxes, and investments. Here is a great way to pull your finances together.

I use the online tool from Personal Capital. It aggregates all of my expenses in one place. So I can put together a good monthly budget.

Also, Personal Capital pulls all of my investments together too. It provides one website to go to. And only one log in to remember.

Then you can see your financial life in an instant. But best of all?

Personal Capital is free to sign up and use!

Okay. That concludes 5 pros of living in New Hampshire.

Sounds pretty good. Doesn’t it?


I want to present a balanced argument for living in this state. Or, for choosing not to.

So, next up, here are 5 of the worst things about living in New Hampshire. That will provide a complete list of the pros and cons.

And I think it is interesting to note. How New Hampshire’s negatives. Are the mirror image of all the positive things about Georgia.

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High Property Taxes

States have to pay for the services they provide residents. And New Hampshire is no different.

So, with no sales tax. And a very favorable income tax policy.

Then, where does the state get its revenue? And the answer is…

Property taxes are high when living in New Hampshire.

For example, real estate taxes are a function of 2 things. First, a state’s property tax rate. Second, the owner’s property value to which the rate is applied.

And it’s the tax rate that gets you. Because the state’s property tax rate is one of the highest in the country.

Saving Money On Your New Hampshire Real Estate

So, if you decide to buy a home in New Hampshire, save money wherever possible.

Here are a couple of tips…

First of all, get a low-rate mortgage by shopping online for the best options.

And to get the best mortgage rate, be sure your credit score is in good shape.

You can check your credit for free using Credit Karma. Then make the necessary improvements.

So your mortgage lender will have no choice. But to give you the best rate on your loan for your New Hampshire home.

And another one of the reasons not to move to New Hampshire…

Harsh And Long Winters

If you do not like winter. With cold temperatures. And plenty of snow.

Then living in New Hampshire may not be for you. Because you can count on 4 solid months of harsh winter weather living in this state.

November through February is the worst time for winter in New Hampshire. As the state experiences severe cold temperatures and snowy conditions.

What’s worse? Cold fronts can move in as early as October.

And the first snowstorm of the season can hit early too. So, be ready for snow starting in November.

Furthermore, the New Hampshire mountain passes and trails can be dangerous. Since they accumulate vast amounts of snow.

All of this adds up to a long stretch of snowy winter chill. As New Hampshire residents wait for warmer spring temperatures to emerge in April.

Next up, number 8 on our list of pros and cons of living in New Hampshire…

Limited Diversity

New Hampshire is not one of the most diverse states in the country. So be sure to think about these things before moving…

New Hampshire Residents Are Similar In Many Respects

There is little ethnic diversity in the state. And the statistics do not lie here.

Because, on average, 9 out of 10 New Hampshire residents are white.

And another one of the things to know before moving to New Hampshire…

New Hampshire Food Is All-America With Little Ethnic Variety

So, without an influx of residents of different races and ethnicity. You won’t find much ethnic food.

What you will find are good apples, tasty maple syrup, and fresh seafood from the ocean.

Pretty much a diet of all-American foods. That is what you will find.

Here’s another one of the pros and cons of living in New Hampshire…

Few Urban Amenities

With only 2 towns (Manchester and Nashua) having a population greater than 50,000 residents. You will find few big-city urban amenities in this state.

First of all, there is little nightlife to speak of. When living in New Hampshire.

And shopping is limited. If you are in search of specialty items. Or, unique specialty stores that carry them.

Furthermore, public transportation is not widely available. Yes. The larger cities have bus systems.

But that’s about it. So, plan on having a car to get around the state.

Finally, slow internet connectivity is a typical complaint from New Hampshire residents.

Especially those in the lesser populated northern half of the state. While many residents of Maine have a similar issue.

And here’s the last of my cons of living in New Hampshire…

Heavy Traffic From Spring To Fall

All of the state’s natural beauty. And access to outdoor activities has a downside.

Because summer tourism brings one of the bad things about New Hampshire. Specifically, the state has heavy traffic at times.

Since residents encounter a notable traffic pattern during the summer season.

With cars driving into the state on Friday. As weekenders from the major population centers. Looking for a little relaxation in the countryside.

Then they exit on Sunday night. As everyone heads back home. To get ready for the workweek.

Okay. That concludes my review of a unique state to live in.

About the best things about living in New Hampshire. And some reasons not to move to New Hampshire.

In other words, moving to New Hampshire has pros and cons.

Let’s wrap it up with a summary…

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10 Pros And Cons Of Living In New Hampshire

Keep these things in mind when thinking about a move to New Hampshire.

Whether you will be working, or retiring in New Hampshire pros and cons:

  • Natural beauty in a tranquil setting
  • Low crime rates
  • Good economic and educational opportunities
  • No sales tax
  • No state income tax on salaries and wages
  • High property taxes
  • Harsh and long winters
  • Limited diversity
  • Few urban amenities
  • Heavy traffic from spring to fall

With these pros and cons of living in New Hampshire top of mind.

And knowing a little bit about what it is like to live in New Hampshire.

You are one step up. And heading in the right direction.

For making the best decision. About whether to relocate to New Hampshire. For your life and your family.

More Reading Beyond The Pros And Cons Of New Hampshire

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The great thing is these tools work wherever you live. And they are summarized here for your convenience.

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