15 Pros and Cons of Living in Franklin, TN Right Now

Good Things To Know Before Moving To Franklin, Tennessee

Today, I would like to discuss the pros and cons of living in Franklin, TN. And address the big question that is probably on your mind.

Specifically, is Franklin a good place to live?

Let’s jump right in…

Pros And Cons Of Living In Franklin, Tennessee

Our top 15 living in Franklin pros and cons include:

  • Welcoming residents
  • Small-town feel
  • Family Friendly
  • Beautiful natural scenery
  • Four season weather conditions
  • Plenty of fun activities
  • A healthy economy and job market
  • Low taxes
  • High cost of living
  • Homeowners associations (HOAs)
  • Limited public transportation
  • Increasing traffic congestion
  • Summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of tornados
  • Difficult for seasonal allergy sufferers

Next, I’d like to address that burning question I mentioned in the introduction to this article…

young lady living in Franklin, TN

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What Is Financial Success And Why It’s Important

Because Understanding Financial Success Is The First Step To Achieving It

The purpose of this article is to discuss the question: what is financial success?

Because how can you achieve something so important. If you don’t even know what it is?

And here’s the hard part. Becoming financially successful is different for everyone.

But I think most of us can agree on a few key elements. That connects the dots on today’s topic.

So, let’s get started…

What is Financial Success?

First of all, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines success as “a favorable or desired outcome”. So, financial success means achieving a desirable outcome for one’s money and finances.

Why Is Financial Success Important?

Financial success is important because without enough money and financial resources. Life can be very difficult.

Since it’s no fun to live paycheck to paycheck. And worry every month about having enough money to pay the bills. To meet basic needs for food, shelter, and transportation for our families.

Also, with one’s money taken care of. It’s easier to focus on those other things. That makes life a little better.

Because there is an old saying that I think is very true. It is “there is more to life than money”. For example, relationships, health, and memorable experiences.

So, by improving your personal finance. You can improve your life.

That’s why these tips for financial success are important!

With the definition and importance of financial success under our belts. Let’s talk about the most essential elements to help you get there…

what is financial success for this woman

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When Should You Buy Dividend Stocks?

Debating The 4 Best Times To Buy Dividend-Paying Stocks

Today’s article addresses this question: when to buy dividend stocks?

While there is no one exactly correct answer for every investor. Some instances improve the odds of success. When going about the business of dividend investing.

So, let’s discuss when you should invest in dividend stocks…

When Should You Buy Dividend Stocks?

The 4 best times to buy dividend stocks are:

  1. Anytime as part of a long-term dividend investing strategy
  2. Whenever you identify high-quality stocks that pay dividends
  3. When the overall stock market is down
  4. In time to capture the next dividend
knowing the best times to buy dividend stocks

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15 Pros And Cons Of Living In Port Charlotte, Florida Right Now

Good Things To Know Before Moving To Port Charlotte

This article summarizes the pros and cons of living in Port Charlotte, FL.

While Southwest Florida is a great place to live. And a very popular destination for retirement living. Life in this city won’t be for everyone.

So, carefully consider all of these living in Port Charlotte pros and cons before you move…

The Pros And Cons Of Living In Port Charlotte

Your new Port Charlotte lifestyle will probably mean these things:

  • Small town feel
  • Warm and sunny weather
  • Lots of outdoor activities
  • Proximity to great places
  • Incredible seafood
  • Moderate cost of living
  • No state income taxes
  • Limited economy
  • Not much nightlife
  • Lots of older residents
  • Too many tourists and snowbirds
  • Bad traffic congestion
  • Hot and humid summers
  • Risk of hurricanes
  • Pesky insects and critters
Mapping the Port Charlotte pros and cons

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15 Pros and Cons of Living in Panama City, Florida

Important Things To Know Before Moving To Panama City, FL

The purpose of this article is to explain the pros and cons of living in Panama City, Florida.

Located in Florida’s Bay County, the local region that includes Panama City, Panama City Beach, and Lynn Haven has a lot to offer.

But, it may not be for everyone. So, it’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages before moving to the Panama City region.

Let’s get started…

Pros And Cons Of Living In Panama City, Florida

Here are our top 15 Panama City pros and cons…

  • Beautiful beaches, parks, and sunsets
  • Lots of outdoor activities
  • Great weather
  • Tasty fish and seafood
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Good access to education
  • Laid-back residents
  • Too many tourists
  • Bad traffic congestion
  • Overdevelopment of the waterfront
  • Frequent rain storms
  • High summer heat and humidity
  • Risk of hurricanes
  • Poor quality of life for some
  • Limited job market

Next, we will go through each of these points in detail.

woman living in Panama City, Florida

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